Ok, grinders I am going to keep my log here about my life because what the hell, might as well.

So, yesterday was a tough one. Woke up to the DEA talking about 4-DHEA and I was late because someone woke me up at 11:30 pm.

Had a productive day, wrote an article on 6-Keto anabolics like Laxogenin and others which you should see today.

A girl I was friends with just said to me out of the blue to stop talking to her.

I was pretty stressed and I skipped the gym. So, today I am up early and I am going to have to to workout twice to get my mojo back and save this week. Going to do legs and light chest and then do my heavy chest today at the gym.

Time to grind it out. I have 24oz of water in and I took a Lipodrene, the green one with the Coca in it. lol I don't know if the coca leaves do anything special, but the bottle is cool and I like the color. I like Lipodrene because I can't really do Yohumbine.