what to take for an recovery stack?

  1. what to take for an recovery stack?

    im new to this, im a 22 year old Marine that just got out, i put my body through hell and back, been working out all my life, im studying to become an exercise kinisiologist, im 5'10 and 170, i just started taking propadrol and wondering what can i take as a recovery stack, and also i got alittle bit of gyno what can i take to to get rid of it

  2. Welcome back dude. For the gyno check out anabolicminds.com/forum/612584-post24.html . Dunno about propadrol PCT

  3. Thank you for your services but....
    I i hoep you have a SERM on hand. If uit is gyno often times people will stop the cycle and begin PCT. Which usually consist of..
    Test Booster
    A.I.(Aromatose Inhibitor(sp?))
    also, general health items like Anabolic Innovations Post Cycle Support, Liv52, SAMe, etc.

    I am not familiar with Propadrol or what compound it is, but i am guessin you dint look to much into it before hand.

    Why are you suspecting gyno.?

  4. well i took Propadrol because its unmenthan, but what is a serm, well i mean im study gyno before for school project but the thing is that its is so minor, and only on 1 side, i know alot about exersice and the body, but supplements i still learining and now i trying to study pro hormones, any help you can give will be helpfull

  5. Well goto the steroid section and read the PCT stickys and other stickys.
    It a non- methyl? i assume you mean.
    And even though you know about exercise and whatnot, PHs/Steroids are a different world.

  6. yeah your right, this is a diffrent world that i want to learn and yeah thats what i meant


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