Starting over stack, need advice!!

  1. Starting over stack, need advice!!

    Been sick for 2 months and havent been able to workout. In total i have lost 20-25lbs and am very upset about it. So i need to stock up on some supplements...just the basics but please help me choose!!

    Option 1:
    ON 100% Whey
    Kwick Karb

    Option 2:
    ON 100% Whey
    Kwick Karb
    Bulk BA

    Any other suggestions are welcome...thanks guys!

  2. load up on food. ragnorok + an extra 2 grams of BA is great for preworkout imo, or just take extra if you want the extra NO

  3. Hmm never looked at smash before, it seems kinda interesting. But i'd go with ragnarok too

  4. i've heard lots of great things about Smash on another forum, and great things about Ragnarok torn between the two. price is sommmmething i like to consider, i can get smash and bulk ba for about the same price at ragnarok....but i still cant lean towards one or the other yet

    ...anyone else out there try either of these products or have any suggestions?

  5. I loved SMASH, worked great for me. Stack option# 2 with Drive and you'll have yourself a solid stack man!

  6. i agree, Drive would be an awesome addition, but im a college student and just recently got a puppy so funds are a little low for a while


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