JEAH! Mood enhancement

  1. JEAH! Mood enhancement

    Ok so i got bored and decided after my current supps i will be focusing on school and need the help in studies. So i got some...
    AST Sport Science GABA powder
    and a ClearShot for no reason...haha.
    I am going to be out of town this weekend in Springfield, drinking a little but i havent in 4-5 months so i dont care. Im just going to take GABA, 5HTP,B12, and if i can get some Aminos quick a few hours prior to help "maintain" haha, i feel like its a waste to worry about it, im a lightweight anyway, 5-6 shots and i feel great.
    So ill reveiw my GABA andNeuro from the weeknd and during the week.
    Lengthy but i dont care.

  2. Should be a good time. Clearshot alone makes me feel great. you may want to look into phenibut it really goes great with alcohol.

  3. I like Clear Shot too. It works pretty damn well as an nootropic. The energy is clean too, but its nothing too insane or anything like that.

  4. Thanks guys. I'm kicking myself now, i was going to grab Phenibut but i wasnt sure. I don't wantt o be "high" but when i drink i feel good/fun/funny/lightmood. I want to add to that a bit. I just took some GABA and Neuro so we'll see how it goes in a few, ill be laying down soon.

  5. HOLY MFer!!! GABA RUSH!? I am tingly and breathign heavy kind of like i just sprinted for a few secs. WOW, i was expecting it but not this much. Could the Neuro be adding to this? I only did 1tsp NB and 3g GABA.



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