I have always been one to lose significant amounts of mass when cutting. I carry around a decent amount of mass (6'0" at 240-248lbs) at about 11-12% bodyfat. I have never been able to get below 10% without losing alot of size. I carry the remainder of the fat in my belly and underneath my chest. My arms, shoulders and thighs stay ripped and veiny year long.

I recently started cutting again (I desperately want a six pack) the only change in my diet, supplementation and exercise program was the addition of 11-oxo at 450mg a day.

I'm two weeks in and to my suprise the fat seems to be coming off quicker and I'm KEEPING ALL OF MY MASS. Hell I might be growing some.

I find it hard to believe the 11-oxo is responsible for this./
So that is my question............Could cortisol have been responsible for the dramatic mass lose I always experienced during a cut?

I'll buy a case of this s*** if these results keep up.