Would you guys use creatine past the best by date?

  1. Would you guys use creatine past the best by date?

    I got hooked up with a unopened bottle of cell-tech creatine b/c its best by day is 02 02 2006. Would you guys take it or not? I ask b/c I figured I might as well jump back into some creatine after 4-5 months off. I have been making more gains not taking any supp's other then protein shakes after workout but eating like a horse, meats, cheese, protein bars, milk, water, eggs, peanut butter, anything with a good amount of protein. So should I start using the creatine or save up some xtra cash and get some new.(main reason not using supp's is money is tight right now and gf doesnt like the mood swings )

  2. Bump it up!!!!

  3. Well I may not be the best person as I almost never throw anything away but those are a "best if used by date " so that they know when to rotate stock and as a general guide line.Id say go ahead and use it!

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  4. Asolutely! Supps are generally still good for a yr. or so after the date. As long as it's stored well enough, you'll be fine.

  5. I'd use it.

  6. use it

  7. I would go ahead and use it. You may have to slightly increase the dosage, but its not like the creatine magically becomes crap when the expiration date hits, ya know I would use it. Hope this helps.

  8. NONONO!!! OMG, no! Have you used any yet? If you have, call your local Poison Control Center IMMEDIATELY, the danger is imminent!

    In case you didn't know, at precisely 1 day past the 'Best by' date, creatine's molecular structure becomes highly unstable, creating nano-particles which can cross the blood-brain barrier, and cause uncontrolled and irrevocable brain growth. THe only remedy is taking massive amounts of Assplodan, or if it has progressed too far, decapitation.

  9. That is classic poison

  10. Yes.

    If, by odd chance, is it somehow turns into some sort of methyl-thing, you might consider sending it to Ray Sausage.


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