New way To Log.....

  1. Talking New way To Log.....

    I thought this might be worth exploreing some, as to me (right now anyways) seems like a good idea.

    Google has an online spreadsheet, that can be viewed by multipule people at the same time, downloaded in more then one format, a chat feature...

    What I was thinking is it would be nice to have a more consolidated approach to finding supplement logs.
    Example: One Excel spreadsheet for a particular supplement: Users could have their own book (basicly a tab / page in the workbook) to post their numbers and such over time. Im sure charts and such will be made available also.
    There is also a chat feature that can be enabled, and you can see who else is viewing that data as well.

    Imagin, finding one thread on say; 5x5 workout logs or Hyperdrol or anything really, clicking that thread, and having a compalation of data, an individual log in each sheet. One stop shop for logs basicly.
    HEll, even a page that will tally the avarage gains/increases/losses for all the logs into one page!
    This could also be done for bloodwork numbers.

    If ther ewas an "anabolic Minds" account (actually would need to get into more how it works) then maybe board supporters could share a password, (but I beleive that normaly no password is needed.)
    Its a good way to identify trends that you couldn't normally do with out compileing massive amounts of data.

    Anyways,.. heres the link. Its not much to go on for information purposes, but I'd like to get your thoughts on this at least.

  2. No one ?

  3. I was reading up on this since GOOG was up to day on this news.

  4. Do you think something like that can be applied here?

  5. Most definately. Would just need to figure out a set format for everything. Would be alot of work to manage them I think. Meaning that if someone logs HST and the format is different from the next, it makes it hard to follow and who will format and edit?

    Does that make sense?

  6. But the upside potential for image accessibilty is HUGE!

  7. Apparently, any user can post their numbers, so the individuals would do that. I guess, the only thing to d owould be to provide something preformatted depending on what the log is about. That way, there is consistancy within each "book" of logs for a particular supplement / routine.

    It almost would be no different then people posting Excel logs already. They could update them as frequently as they do now.
    The data would be easier to mine I would think, and the formula tools would do it for ya.
    IF nothing else, the np[erhaps the board sponsors could use something like that to have their testing logs in one place, so theres not 20 pages for each reveiw. That would be nice, as it would make REAL results more concreate then just users opinions.

    On a side note,.. anyone else notice their rep points dropping for no apparent reason?


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