My Citrulline Malate has turned yellow, is it still good?

  1. Question My Citrulline Malate has turned yellow, is it still good?

    I have about 200g of CM and was kept in a cool, dark place. I just now opened it and it is yellow and in big clumps. Is it still good?

  2. 40 views and not one reply?
    I guess there's only one way to find out...

  3. Was the cool, dark place near your cat's litter box?


    Sorry bro... I don't have a real answer for you. Maybe someone else will. My guess would be that its degraded; to what extent, I'd have no idea.

  4. big clumps is common. its the yellowing I'm unsure of.

  5. I'd bet anything it is moisture, no worries.

  6. I did my own Body Octane mix and it turned yellow AND has now turned hard as a rock. I have to cut of hunks with a knife, lol, but it still works fine. Several hydroscopic powders and a very wet rainy season = Body Octane Cement.

  7. I've tried it a couple of times and so far so good, thanks everyone.


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