Enhancing my wife's weight loss...

  1. Enhancing my wife's weight loss...

    ....without Ephedrine. Your input is appreciated!

  2. whats her current stats, training, diet, supplementation like?

  3. She runs 4 times a week for about an hour each time. Diet is not bad, but its not great. She does not each that much honestly. No other supplementation at this time.

  4. my gf needs some ideas too

    She has used Ripped Fuel and then Xenadrine (e-free)... she's lost 15lbs... only mild cardio; and free weight workouts with me...

    problem is RF kinda bothered her heartbeat too much and Xenadrine made her super jittery...

    any other fatloss stacks she can take?

  5. what's her daily nutrition like WW? my gf doesn't eat much either, but lately has been eating more often, as I do, and obviously feels better throughout the day, has more sustained energy, isn't as tired by midafternoon etc... a little diet tweaking goes a long way.

  6. Extra fiber in her diet would help if she doesn't get enough. Just an idea.

  7. Come on guys, time for some serious vet input here. Is there an all in one supplement, W/O ephedrine, that she could use to really help here weightloss? I know the standard ones, but I'm looking for some other ideas.
  8. take a look at this....

    Here is one that seems interesting. Have not heard anyone that has tried it.
    Let me know if it is something you would want to try.....

  9. Liposuction? If she wants to go that route Jake.

  10. what do you think about that Genapharm Adipo Jr. stuff WW? think you'll go that route? er, em... dare I say... keto?

  11. Originally posted by Biggin
    what do you think about that Genapharm Adipo Jr. stuff WW? think you'll go that route? er, em... dare I say... keto?
    Yeah, if not ECA, then, how about NYC?

  12. I think it sounds like a plan. The NYC it is.

  13. Originally posted by windwords7
    I think it sounds like a plan. The NYC it is.
    WW7, tell your wife to keep close track while on NYC as it causes urinary tract problems (with some people). I think it may be the norephedrine or yohimbine. My wife and I used Adipo for a while and ran into some urinary tract problems, which went away shortly after use. Good luck with that. I think it'll prolly work well for her though.

    Also, go with a keto diet while on UA and ALA.......I think that combo will really shed some fat. Or keto with small and frequent doses of ECA through out the day.

  14. I actually really like the Diesel Fuel Reloaded product for non-eca fat loss. It's awesome stuff, I actually prefer it over ECAs of which I've tried several, including homemade. I haven't tried an NYC stack yet, but if the increased heartbeat and jitters bothered with an ECA i don't know if an NYC would bother her too. So, if she tries the NYC and is bothered by it, my vote is DFR, www.getdiesel.net


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