Enhanced Formulations Elixir and Spliced

  1. Enhanced Formulations Elixir and Spliced

    This is for a future trial, and review of Enhanced Formulations Stimmed pre workout, and Non Stim pump formula, (Elixir and Spliced). Presently not working out right now, not even working, to heal. When I do lift again, I will utilize Elixir, and Spliced by themselves, and provide my experiences with a very abbreviated use of both, as they will be sample runs. If you go to the manufacturer, you can request a sample from them. The pump formula looks interesting as it combines ARA, and epicatechin. Excited to try, and provide insight when it comes on, and after I take some more physical exertion time off. Here are the formulas:
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  2. So, I got this sample fortunately. Appears that USPS stole the other sample (spliced) as the envelope was cut open with a knife or letter opener. Guess the mail guy likes "pump products"; very disappointed because I liked the look of Spliced formula. Anyway, initial impression after mixing Elixir on an empty stomach.

    Flavor: Not bad tasting. Tastes like a skittles and fruit punch combo. No bad aftertaste. Does not taste as good as Rainbow Candy Vasoblitz, but overall better tasting than most pre workouts.

    Initial energy: Right after drinking, it gives you a swift "get up and go" kick! I feel the caffiene and DMHA immediately! It has agmatine, citrulline malate, and glycerol in it; so let's see if that can counter the major vaso constriction that I used to get with DMAA.

    Going to hit chest, and let you guys know how this fairs!Name:  20190309_182651.jpeg
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  3. Finished my chest workout.

    Vascularity: there was some vaso constriction, but not as bad as when I had taken DMAA in the past. Vascularity is not a high point of this pre.

    Pump: Pump was good, had, and still have a nice pump in my chest even though I was fasted, and have not been taking creatine.

    Strength: First set of bench I felt strong. Strength soon diminished after a few sets. Probably because I was fasted, was not full on glycogen, and have not been taking creatine.

    Endurance: Performed 5 chest exercises. BB bench. Incline db press. Cable flies/hammer strength chest press. Lower chest flies/pushups. Endurance throughout was good.

    Energy/focus: No crash in the gym, and no crash as of yet. Energy and focus was fluid throughout the whole workout. Great focus. Was really attentive to my sets, and mindful of rest time. Energy is not overpowering. No jitters. No anxiety. No cold chills.

    Overall this seems like a great pre workout. I will say that with the addition of creatine, it would be better, and I should honestly been supplementing creatine as a staple. For some odd reason I take creatine breaks.

    If you go to enhanced formulations, and request a sample, they will let you try the product, and won't charge you. That is a great quality in a company. Hoping to try spliced!

  4. Bump for info:
    There was no crash that day.
    Was able to get to sleep fine in the evening.
    Definitely recommend you guys taking a look at the pre, and there is a first timer 35 percent off rep code: RippFirst35

  5. USPS lost my last Spliced sample, so EF was nice enough to send out another Spliced, and Elixir sample, and another flavored Elixir at that; will be happy to give my impressions of that flavor, and see how a second run it Elixir matches the first. Name:  20190314_135722.jpeg
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  6. My overview of Spliced:

    Took it fasted about 45 minutes before my workout. Had water, salt, 2 tsp of cod liver oil before dosing spliced. Took 200mg Teacrine and a cup of coffee for mild stim. From the get-go of my bicep/back workout pumps were pronounced, and towards the end of each back set, a little painful. I could feel the rise in inflammation in my joints from the nicely dosed ARA in the product; this is also where the painful pumps come from. At first, vascularity was not that great, but about 30 minutes into the workout, I was very vascular, and dry looking. Post workout, the pump had remained for quite a while! This product is definitely something I would plan to purchase for not just pumps, but it looks good for hypertrophy in general, seeing it has ARA, and epicatechin. Definitely at least hit up EF for a sample! I am not a rep, but so far Elixir and Spliced was a great first experience for me!


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