What's Your Toughts On Kratom?

  1. What's Your Toughts On Kratom?

    Your experience, benefits and sides. Online is a bit confusing on that particular plant, I would really like to take it not ed,maybe just twice ew pre workout.

  2. If you have self control issues Iíd avoid it. If youíre able to only take it here and there then go for it. Iíve been on for about 2 years now. It has helped keep me sober.

  3. Most Ive used was three times a week when I did a log for straightupkratom. Did the red bali vein. More relaxing kind. . Ive also used it once every few months.

    Sometimes ive got nothing out of it, at 3 grams, and sometimes ive felt a bit relaxed at 3-4 grams. hit or miss I guess. Could be other factors, I think it impaired erection quality a bit.
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  4. 2gms of quality maeng da is the perfect pick me up mood elevation. It's a drug though. Respect it. It's a great thing overall
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  5. Lower doses are better, avoid taking it daily, and treat it as you would any other potentially addictive substance.

  6. Kratom is fantastic if you can control yourself. I try to avoid it as I am a recovering drug addict, but if I was to use it, I would probably just end up making poppy seed tea instead. Way longer half life and more intense euphoria..

    But as far as relaxation goes, there's Kratom, Phenibut, kava kava, PST, and picamilon..all which have their pros and cons.

  7. It works 2mg will take the pain away . At least for my two lower lumbars on my spine . But yea it makes you feel good . So the least you take the better . I only take it when Iím hurt or on the weekends . Helps with anxiety to .

  8. Mild opiate that is highly addictive.

    Unless you are trying to ween yourself off stronger opiates, I would not start.

    No matter what you do, for every action there is an an equal and opposite reaction.

  9. Personally I didnít get much from it. I found CBD did more for me as far as pain.
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  10. r/kratom is a good place to start.

    Personally, I love it and think that is is incredibly useful for a variety of ailments. Pain relief is a huge one and it works very well for this. Anxiety relief and social interaction are other primary benefits. Also, it is hand down the best PWO I've ever used- almost too good. The energy and mood lift allow for some crazy intense workouts, but the analgesic properties can allow you to push too hard and people do see injuries as a result. Some key things:

    - Dose low and stay low. Tolerance builds and it's important to switch batches/colors often so you can keep dose low.

    - Names/types are primarily marketing, the harvesting, local, and drying/curing make the most difference. Generally whites/greens are more energetic and productive and reds tend to be more relaxing. Whites are the least euphoric and offer the least analgesic benefits, with green being next, and reds tending to offer the most euphoric and pain relief. But all offer energy at low doses.

    - It's important to take tolerance breaks. This will lessen chances of any WD. Some experience this more than others. I personally have little to no WD issues other than 1-2 days of lethargy and a little achy.

    -Search online for good bulk vendors. You can find very high quality for under $100kg. I pay $75. Most headshops will charge you 2-3x that amount.

    - Be responsible. It makes you feel very good and people get caught up in this and try to chase it by upping the dose. That does not work with kratom. There is a ceiling and after that, there is no further benefit and you only make it more difficult to take breaks.

  11. Straight up kratom has a sale now. If you incorporate agmatine before your dosing, it strengthens the lower doses, and helps you to not build a tolerance. Red good for pain, and to relax, green slightly for pain, slightly energetic, and white is stimulating.


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