Black Friday 2018 is upon us!

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  1. They sent me a tracking number but literally only sent it out today so disappointed overall as it will not get to me in time for Xmas

  2. Another BF deal. Cant wait to try these, the hype is real. Ha!Name:  20181204_042743.jpeg
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Ricky10 View Post
    Same problem here with my Mr Supps Thanksgiving/Black Friday order. I just emailed them before I found this thread.

    Glad to hear that I am not alone in never receiving any info..
    I never got my tracking info. When you buy yur stuff you sign up for an account. Go to their sight and sign in then view your order. Updates will be in their

  4. Supps sent me tracking and shipment notification yesterday.

  5. Wish I’d stocked up on bars on bf, I did buy 72 select bars but need more. Anyone know the best place to buy select or quest bars or any recommendations for other bars? I buy from the us but I’m in the uk.

  6. Theere were a lot of good deals out there this year. Code Frey10 .
    Iconic Formulations and Iron Legion Code Chef


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