EAAs or Protein?

  1. EAAs or Protein?

    As the topic says, should one take EAAs over Protein powder?
    And why..

  2. EAA’s instead of protein powder, like as in mrp/snack shakes? No. Dont see any benefit and not cost effective.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 00A View Post
    As the topic says, should one take EAAs over Protein powder?
    And why..
    If your meeting protein intake in the 24 hour period.... Protein is ideal
    If you can't meet protein and need to supplement EAA with incomplete meals (say beans and rice and EAA Supplement to get adequate leucine for MPS), or for fasted training // between meals as a bolus to help reach intake then yes.

    You can use both, but personally you want to eat as much protein as possible from whole foods and use these as "Supplements" to reach that intake. Many people use EAA's that alraedy meeting their adequate protein intake so its just excessive protein.

    Whole food and protein powders will always be superior
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  4. Organic quinoa has your 9 EAA's and only 9 bucks for 4.5 pounds

  5. Protein is going to satisfy the need for food, calories and of course amino acids. This is the best bang for the buck.
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  6. if it's one or the other, protein wins everytime

    but it also doesn't mean eaa's or bcaa's aren't useful if money is available for them
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  7. Protein.

  8. There’s evidence showing superior amino acid uptake from whey vs. isolated aminos. Definitely go protein.

  9. Unless you’re cutting, there is 0 need for EAA’s/BCAA. Well really there’s never a need for just BCAA

  10. I just never digested any sort of protein powder well and yes, the vegan blends too. Whey seems to make me off, watery and just not good. If anyone has problems with whey , they know what I mean. Almost like a insulin spike feeling after eating a high amount of simple sugars. Vegan protein (soy free obviously) just feels like it sits in my intensities. Vega sport is best but 2 pounds = nearly 50 $. Not worth it.

    Pretty sure I am done buying protein powders and will stick to fish and egg whites 👍

    Bcaa and EAA however, I love! Love the effects they give me. Always feel an increased recovery, focus and positive body composition change when using them depending on brand.

    unflavored pure forms BCAA’s are best w/ 5:1:1 ratio leucine, iso leucine and valine. I warn you, they taste HORRID though

  11. As a competitor I use both. Shakes when its inconvident to get a meal in, and bcaa's and eaa's like intra-workout, or say im doing a cheat meal and that meal is low in protein ill have some bcaa's or eaa's.

    how about that study that came out six months back showing bcaa's and eaa's worked better than bcaa's?

    regardless yes both are useful for myself. My go to Bcaa and eaa supplement is Millennium Sports R.P.G.-BCAA™, which the amino are femented amino acids.
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  12. I have heard of a few guys vouch for thier use of eaa's to supplement protein during cuts and recomps successfully. I think for non competitors/ average gym goers that your money is better spent on whole protein sources, they are more complete. For serious athletes eaa's definitely have thier place. Intra workout use can greatly aid in recovery, but this should be treated as icing on the cake if all other nutrition is in line.
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