Viron: powder vs liquid version

  1. Viron: powder vs liquid version

    I had an older bottle of Viron and now a newer one and noticed the new one is powder vs liquid caps. Why the change?

    Just curious.

    Has anyone noticed a difference between the two?

  2. sub!

  3. There are liquid in the caps?! What the hell, probably an absorption upgrade 🤷🏼*♂️

  4. Viron is powder caps. Always has been...always will be.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by bigsmall View Post
    Viron is powder caps. Always has been...always will be.
    I donít think this is correct. Iím 99% sure it was liquid/gel in those caps at one point in time.

    I could be wrong.

  6. Ran viron pretty long ago and it was powered

  7. Has always been powdered caps

  8. Ok, sorry for my mistake. I must be thinking of another product. The new capsules are bigger than the other ones. I think I was getting it confused with a Nutrex product with similar ingredients.


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