Intramax everday?

  1. Intramax everday?

    I took ergonine for a long time. I bought intramax cause itís profile looks good and I want to try something different. Would you guys drink it every day?

  2. I see no reason why you could not.

    Obviously it would be of better use during training but if you can afford to take on rest days too go for it.

  3. The inclusion of Whey Protein Hydrolysate makes taking it during workout the best option. Like mentioned above, you can take on off days. To save money I would use IntraMax on lifting days and CreMax on off days.

  4. ^^^ I would do the same. You're better off just using on lifting days. That would produce the best results and be most efficient.
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  5. I use it every day (or at least most days if I don't forget it haha). You want to get your creatine pretty much every day. I say you also want to get your betaine at least almost every day (daily ideally), so I try to take IntraMax every day to get my creatine and betaine every day. I also use it as a sort of small shake type product sometimes; taking it between meals on rest days, or taking it with a snack or small meal that maybe doesn't have ideal/optimal protein/leucine content, so it can help a bit there too. There's not really a "wrong" way to do it really, but daily use would be "ideal" if anything.

  6. I use intramax during my sessions only. Minus cardio days (weights only). Saves money. I do use cremax (or bulk creatine mono) on days I do not use intramax.


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