Spazmatic Andro Thol

  1. Spazmatic Andro Thol

    Just ordered me a bottle of Tim Muriello's Spazmatic Andro-Thol, was curious if anybody else has given this stuff a try. I've ran Andro-1 once and Andro-4 twice and have had great results, hoping this stuff does the same or better.

  2. I have ordered it as gonna run a 60 day cycle hopefully i does as advertised.

  3. Let me know how ur cycle goes

  4. Results thus far ?

  5. So far ive upped my squat to 300lbs as i was only maxing out at 275 and for my bench and deadlift i feel stronger and repping out more reps at heavier weight also ive been losing alot of weight im guessing its fat and water weight when i started my cycle i weighed about 235 i am down to 220 rightnow and keep in mind this is about 2 and a half weeks in.



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