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  1. Omg I'm so sorry! I got really sidetracked and kind of forgot my log existed! But I'll upload a picture of me in my work pants later because I feel like that result speaks a lot better to how effective the product is than my weight (244) when I finished the bottle yesterday

  2. Granted, these pants were a little loose when I started invictus but now they're so loose I'll need new pants. The positive effect on my mood lasted the whole cycle I can't comment much on the benefits for joint comfort, I do have some knee pain from an old injury but it wasn't any better or any worse while using the product. Name:  IMG_20180314_230640093.jpg
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  3. Hey bud, checking in to see how things are going

    Also, if you get a chance, please share your experience with invictus in the reviews section:
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Anabaholic View Post
    I appreciate the props haha
    It probably sounds a thousand times worse reading my post than it is though; like yeah, these thoughts pop into my head and sometimes I can't seem to get them out but I know it's not "me" it's just my obsessive thoughts.
    I have same issues...heck,life as good as it can be, is heavy a whole lot of the time. But.........just gotta keep chuggin along, choo choo (Major Payne movie, lol)


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