Evomuse Alphaburn expiry date

  1. Question Evomuse Alphaburn expiry date

    Hi All,

    I was wondering if AlphaBurn potency could decline after expiry date. I have a 8mg bottle (my absolut favourite) which expires in March 2018 however I am planning to use it around June and July. Will it still be good?

    Also, in general, I just purchased from Nutriverse some bottle of Rauwolshine from OL however the will expire in just few months, around August
    I was expecting them to last a couple of years at least like most supplements. What can I do?

  2. i dont know whats in alphaburn but usually supplements are gtg WAY longer after their expiry date! there is hardly something in it that will get worse somehow. i would even use the rauwolscine if its 10 years expired, no problem there.

  3. I think your ok if you use in the next few months. Usually you have some time after the expiration date.
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  4. @lukinosnake if you’re scared I know a guy who will take it off your hands Should be just fine though
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  5. I would say you're fine to wait until june july if it expires in march. That's only 3 months past expiration date.
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