Natural sterol complex?

  1. Natural sterol complex?

    Has anyone heard of this product by univeral nutrition? Is it any good?

  2. Doesnít look awful but there are certainly better natural options out there! Have you heard of X gels?

  3. Those sound interesting. What are they?

  4. One of the best Natural Anabolics! Its an Omega 6 acid that breaks down muscle tissue more than you could normally resulting in size and strength gains! Many users on this board have had great success with it myself included. You can pair it with another product such as Epi Plex, Follidrone 2.0, MassMax XT. Do some research or you're welcome to ask some more questions, but you can't go wrong with it.

  5. What about the side effects?

  6. Where can I buy it from?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by TheBigBrodie View Post
    Where can I buy it from?
    Xgels is one of the best natural product out there .. check this thread and has a coupon code ..
    SNS Site Wide Sale
    30% Off Sale - Black Friday - Cyber Monday
    Code: Anabolicminds1

  8. You can expect to be a little more sore than usual, and some people feel their joints get a little dry so we recommend taking it on 50 workout days only at 4-6 gels daily. Take them about 45 minutes preworkout on an empty stomach. If you like to eat before a workout, take them after a light warm up in the gym. Gives your muscles a beautiful full look and strength and size will come with proper diet

  9. X-Gels are awesome. Check the people on here who love them and you'll see.

    (And I miss the member formerly known as Cooter Flap)
    Twenty-Two Until None
    I Am My Brothers Keeper

  10. Natural Sterol Complex is a very good old school natty supplement that I have used many times...

    Some details in this thread:

  11. Quote Originally Posted by SFreed View Post
    X-Gels are awesome. Check the people on here who love them and you'll see.

    (And I miss the member formerly known as Cooter Flap)
    I miss Cooter as well I wish I never changed it lol

  12. X-Gels are absolutely wonderful. Great results from them. The only thing is, my asthma flared up and went into overdrive when I took them so I had to stop. Absolutely devastated...

  13. 2 completely different supplements...If anything, stack them...NSC isnít super expensive

  14. Yes I have. Love it. Probably will get some more soon. Muscles are more dense and strenth goes up. Sex drive increases a little as well. Overall I feel great on it.


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