Fake Olympus Labs PH around?

  1. Fake Olympus Labs PH around?

    Hi guys. While I was looking for some good stuff around I found a website (not completely unknown, but I would not really say "famous") which seems to be both in UK and Poland which keep selling PH. The PHs they seel come from famous brands such as Brawn and Olympus labs. I kept an eye on the website as I noticed a while ago that it was carrying Tr3n and Ep1stane and Halo. They went out of stock few times and come back few times, which makes me dough that they are real considering they should have been discontinued, as far as I know. The label is the most modern one before they left the market (same as current Sup3r PCT style).

    Do you think they are real? If they are, could they be expired?

  2. They still make those in the UK, they are likely real.

  3. You could email OL and ask if this store is a legit carrier?

    Or go to the Olympus UK website and click on the link to the list of their retailers?

  4. Well it is in the list of the carriers, but that may be due to some other legit products from OL they carry. I find weird that in the list there are few UK sellers who do carry other's brand PH, however this is the only one which carries OL PHs. How is it possible? I would imagine that if they wholesale to different website in UK, they should all receive those PHs, considering that all of them have the policy of selling them, however only one has them.

    looks fishy to me right now. Anyone from OL who can give some info?

  5. OL UK Halo-100 bought from the PM retailer was good in my run a few months ago, currently waiting on my Epistane from their to get here. OL UK still produces those products for select UK retailers and from my experience, they have been good to go.

  6. OP If you are talking about MZ, they are fine. Just a bit expensive...


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