Ostarine / RAD 140 cycle problem

  1. Ostarine / RAD 140 cycle problem

    well so about 6 weeks ago i start my first cycle with ostarine i started it being abit scared i i pulsed it for a few days then started using at 25 every day from about a in that time i was two times off for like 4 - 5 days while being on vacation.. didnt exprience any sideeffects i do have some suppresion but its very light.. anyways 1 week ago i ran out of ostarine i ordered more and i ordered RAD140 .. im intrested in doing both for 4 weeks more..
    the thing is i stopped for like 8 - 9 days in beetween and im not using any pct right now.. how but would it be for me to jump back on for 4 weeks more than doing proper Tamoxifen 4 week PCT .. after finishing this cycle i wont be doing anything probably ever.. im going for a long long vacaition and i wont be traning properly for a while.. so for me its really this time to get in the best shape possiable for a long long time..

    so the thing is how bad it would be jumping back on cycle after a week off.. for 4 weeks longer on rad+osta and then do a full pct

  2. In my opinion I would just hang on to the new bottles and wait until you can dedicate the time to do a proper cycle. Sounds like you are not being very disciplined which is dangerous and a big waste of money.

  3. To add... You said that it's been 8-9 days since you ran out of the Osta. Unless you already had the other bottles in hand, I would've started PCT. It's important to do so that you restore levels and to also keep any gains you may have developed!

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