Coming off Bloodshred RAW and need some pep for morning workouts

  1. Coming off Bloodshred RAW and need some pep for morning workouts

    Hi all
    I'm coming off 8 weeks of Bloodshred Raw and will be taking the required 4 or so weeks off of it. I work out around 4:30AM every morning and looking for some pep. What would you recommend I take to give me that energy? Keep in mind I need to take time off from thermos.. I just don't know what I could take in the meantime (ingredients) knowing this.


  2. Are you going stim free whilst on your break from BS RAW?

  3. I think it's wise to take a break from thermogenics, and you could back off your stimulant dose by using just caffeine or drinking coffee. If you're going for a full stim break it will be difficult the first week if you're training early in the morning. I've done this in the past and my workouts always feel less intense while my body adjusts to not having stimulants.

    If you're going stim free I would recommend using a pump product like Vasomax or High Volume. These won't provide you with energy like stimulants do, but they can help with focus

  4. Like John mentioned VasoMax would be an excellent choice for a non stim preworkout. The patented nitrates provide deep full pump, plus you will get a nice mental boost.

    You could also look at caffeine free Focus XT as well. It's more of a stim free nootropic not a preworkout.

  5. I'd go with just coffee to slowly lower caffeine intake....mix it with a stim free pre workout if you want pump or anything like that but coffee alone should be fine if you want to get away from fat burners
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  6. If you want something to give you a bit of a kick but also to get your focus and mood going, SNS focus xt (regualr or caffiene free if you wanna get off the stims completely) is a great option. The stim version is a very moderate dose of only caffiene and the caff free offers all the same focus, mood, and mental benefits, without the stims to help on a full break (or days you just dont need it).
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  7. Awesome thanks all. This really helps. I like the coffee idea and a stim free pre that will help with focus. Yes the week certainly has been tough with workouts that early and no stims to help.


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