Creatine Powder vs. Chewable Creatine

  1. Creatine Powder vs. Chewable Creatine

    I read somewhere that the Chewable Creatine is best because it bypasses the stomach acids (which kill 60% of creatine) by absorbing the creatine right in the mouth.

  2. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Not Creatine!

    You should re-read those creatine links I gave you. You're not getting an adequate amount of creatine through creatine gum.

  3. its starting.........

  4. no more creatine questions here! hehe

  5. creeateen makes u strong yj, it iz krunk off tha shizzle fo sho, all my posse uses it wit our andro like macguire, we be huge mofos


  6. sublingual absorption is always better than intestinal, howver, powdered creatine is cheap as hell, if you absorbed equal amounts, it would still be cheaper to buy the powder and absorb it intestinally


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