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  1. Mood Enhancers

    Anyone know of a supplement that help with relaxation?

  2. By Pogue

    If you're like me, you occasionally like to get a good buzz going on. The problem is that alcohol + bodybuilding don't really go together. However, there is a pretty good product called Renew-G that can give you a pretty good buzz.

    It's kind of expensive, but 3 caps will do you. It has DXM and some other goodies in it, so it'll last you awhile and won't give any negative catabolism and estrogen increases like alcohol will. It will last you a pretty long time as long as you aren't popping them everyday or something

    Ergopharm has another product called Gabatropin that should also help give you a mild buzz. It's a nootropic product so it should help you relax. It apparently isn't on yet, but will probably show up here after too long.

    Avant Lab's Tranquili-G is a precursor to Methyl-4-GHB in the body and works well to help relax also. Avant Labs had to quit producing it due to some legal reasons, but it can still be found.

    San's Neuroflow was a short lived product. That's probably because it contained a prescription drug in Europe called Piracetam. This is a nootropic which helps with brain function. It might not get you high, but it probably will give you a good preworkout boost and might help you on a test.

    Finally, we have yohimbe. Be careful with this. I took about 600mg of yohimbe extract and started having hot and cold flashes among other weird symptoms. It's probably comperable to an E/C type stimulation, but has some weird effects when you increase the dose. Also, I believe if you take it with Vitamin C it increases absorption.

    Here's another one I thought I'd add, which is Kava. Kava is really good for relaxing or helping you sleep. It works really well in a tea, which you can probably buy at your local health food store or grocers.

    PLEASE BE CAREFUL If you decide to use this stuff. It is not for idiots. More is not better. Don't overdose and then come crying to me because you took too much. Enjoy it, but don't abuse it.
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  3. Nice post If i could id give you karma

  4. Rhodiola is good stuff for energy and mood.

    Green tea/green tea extract. Theanine is what relaxes ya from the green tea; you can find pure theanine in powder form.

    Nootropics in general put me in a good mood and make me focused.

  5. Just a correction, Sann's Neuroflow contained Piracetam not Periactin.

    Also for the very best Kava on the planet go to this link:

    Best Kava

    I've ordered the Paste but have not got it yet due to them being out of stock. They have been very upfront with me, even offering me the capsules with the same 84% paste in them, but I told them I would wait for the paste. This stuff should be very potent and nothing like the OTC versions you see at the store.

  6. Lol, Thanks maggmaster. Sorry about the typo Sir Foxx .

  7. I don't think you can get tranquili-g anymore. I think Renew-G just got discontinued too, but it's still available. I've been planning to order some to keep around as an alternative to drinking.

  8. You can still find Tranquili-G, just do a search. Here is another site for some interesting "supplements"

    interesting supps

  9. ive tried kava and GABAtropin. the kave i bought was said to contain 90% kavalactones and they didn't do a whole lot for me. I definatley felt relaxed after taking a bunch but the smell from them every time i burped was awful and i have had it in a tea form once which was made from the roots and that was pretty good. I like gabatropin and to me it feels like being slightly drunk but with no loss in motor skill or dizziness. i would not rate either of these as high as having a few beers as far as relaxation goes.

  10. Another thing I forgot to mention is Valarian Extract. It smells like a$$ but it works great.

  11. has anyone tried the renew-g this one has me curious....

  12. Go on Lexapro

    It's worked wonders for my mild anxiety.

    And it helps you last "long time" in the sack.

    My 2 cents.


  13. High quality Kava is nice to have on hand for tense muscles..especially in the neck/shoulder area. It won't make you sleepy unless you are already tired.

    Valerian extract does indeed smell like dog ass but works really well to put me to sleep. Unfortuneately it only works for a few days then it seems to lose its potency.

    I find that piracetam has a very mild sedative effect on me although barely noticable.

    High doses of Magnesium citrate or asporatate also relax muscles well.

    Anybody try that Cocamine powder from BAC? Sounds like fun.

  14. theanine powder not shabby

  15. Any of you guys ever tried Salvia Divinorum? This dude wrote about his experience on it. Sounds like some F'd up stuff.

  16. anyone tried sam-E? Also.. melatonin is supposed to have a mood elevating effect, and helps a lot with sleep. you can't take it for too long though

  17. If you try saliva, make sure you have someone around who is sober. It doesn't last long but can really freak you out the first time you try it.

  18. SAM-e worked well for improving my mood and basically ridding me of depression. Unfortuneately its really damned expensive and I needed at least 400mg/day to feel it which amounts to about $2 a day. It does not relax or calm per se.

    I'm experimenting with TMG (trimethyl glycine) which is supposed to up your levels of SAMe stacked with L-Tyrosine, acetyl L Carnitine, ALA, Vinpocetine and Huperizine A. I now have ESP, lazer heat vision and can hear the thoughts of men far and wide. Fear me. Just kidding. So far it keeps me pretty chipper and focused. It is not a stack for relaxation however.

  19. did u buy thye SAMe online.. if you did.. where?

  20. Sirr Foxx, they tell you when the paste was gonna be in stock, sounds like a winner to me. The caps sound okay but they can't be as good I wouldn't think. How do you think this stuff will compare to the Black Kava stuff from Cielo that was talked about some at BB..anyone interested in saliva go to the erowid exprerience vaults and check out the logs.....the "good" trips don't sound so good to me but..

  21. I was given about a month delay. Like I said they offered the caps instead, but I'm in no hurry.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by VanillaGorilla
    Any of you guys ever tried Salvia Divinorum? This dude wrote about his experience on it. Sounds like some F'd up stuff.
    you smoke salvia to get high. it's a hallucinogen, so some may freak out. i wouldn't call it a mood enhancer by all means.

  23. There was an article in the papers yesterday about 4 kids taking "Green Hornet" and freaking out. They hallucinated and a few almost died. It sounded like they took too much. Anyone ever heard of it? It's a green liquid that is drank in 1oz doses.

  24. green hornet could be anything concocted by some street dealer to f kids up, for all we know it could be windex. I thin also that the earlier poster who was referring to saliva( spit) actually meant salvia( an interesting herb you can smoke)

  25. Yeah I saw that at the link Sirr Fox gave. Looks kind of wild by Erowids description. I think I'm going to brew some Absinthe. Wormwood is super cheap. I'm on cycle right now so I'll do it


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