39 trying to stay in shape. which supp

  1. 39 trying to stay in shape. which supp

    i did a lot of heavy lifting when i was younger and when steroids were much easier to get. life, job, commute and injuries kinda put me on a hiatus from the for the last few years. well i changed two that i could and the injuries have taken care of themselves. i now lift 3 days a week and cardio 3 days a week and feel great. ok question about supplements. i use muscle milk and betagen and eat pretty darn good. im interested in the essentials coming out. would that be a good replacement for the betagen? i dont want to go supp crazy so its the mm and one other and im hoping to get some ideas here. im not looking to make max gains just stay in decent shape. one other ? why has muscle tech goten such a bad rapp over time? they used to be one of the best. thanks

  2. caritine
    taurine- Stops back/calve pumps

    omega 3

    free form aminos are great when you are getting older

  3. From the sound of your goals I would recommend a good creatine, some EFA's like flax or fish oil, and a BCAA or EAA supplement around workouts is always a plus, Xtend is great and Universal has a new one called Intra-Aid that I really like. Good supps don't have to be expensive to be high quality, Muscletech tends to charge more than they are worth for the name IMO.

  4. how about purple wrath?

  5. Purple WrAAth is awesome.

    Others are Ragnorak (look into this one, it's a great all-in-one product) and the soon to be Essentials. Both will keep your quantity of supps down.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by semmesnutriti View Post
    I think Muscle Tech makes some good products, but for the most part im not a big fan. What type of results are you looking to achieve?

    IMO Essentials
    Whey Protein
    Amino Acids
    Multi V
    Creatine Monohydrate

    These are pretty cheap to.
    Dont forget that Essentials has bcaa, crat, BA, multi vit, and more. I would ass fish oil to this and you have your staples all lined up. Toss in a test booster avery few months and you are perfect. I am your age and I take thos supps separately, cant wait for Essentials to make life simpler. I toss in MassFX or Drive every few months to boost test. Works for me.


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