Focus XT by SNS: log and review

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  1. Focus XT by SNS: log and review

    Hey all,

    Well I have sampled Focus XT by SNS two times now and I loved it both times, although I was using other pre-workout supplements. So I figured it was time to give a log and review of this product without using any other type of product in combonation, and with a very generous offer from Steve at SNS I will be able to do just that. I did notice that there was another log of this product but I figured that it cant hurt to have more user feedback on what seems to be a great product. So without further delay... here is my log and review.

  2. My log will start Monday January 9th and continue throughout the weeks using Focus XT on workout days. I am currently cutting for a contest in the future and hope to have some extra energy and aggression in my workouts with the addition of this product. I have used several different focus products in the past with little to no results, and I do not react or stimulate much at all from caffiene in my diet. I have noticed when I have sampled this product before, adding other products makes me feel unbelievable, like nothing I have ever felt before, mainly ephedra does this. But now it's time to use it by itself and on a consistent basis.

    Again Serious Nutrition Solutions Focus XT is what I will be using preworkout and nothing else. The flavor I will be using is Pink Lemonade and it is sugar free.

    More info: Serving size: 1 heaping scoop (12 grams)
    Servings per container: 20

    Amount per serving: Calories:20

    Focus XT Blend: 9800mg
    Choline Bitartrate
    Huperzine A

    Caffeine Anhydrous 200mg

    The product claims to help with mental focus, clarity, concentration, and energy. I noticed on the SNS site gamers were actually using it and having very good success. Now we will see how it does in the weightroom and with cardio sessions.

  3. Comparing other products:

    Neurostim+C caps:
    Servings: 30
    Amount per Serving:
    Acetyl L-Carnitine, Choline Citrate, L-Tyrosine: 5000mg

    Dmae, Vinpocetine, Huperzine A: 211mg

    Caffiene: 125mg

    Biotest Power Drive:
    Servings: 30
    Amount per serving:
    L-tyrosine: 3000mg
    Ginkgo Biloba:200mg
    Vitamine B6:20mg

  4. 1st Workout

    Hey all...

    just got done with my last meals and i figured it would be a good time to evaluate today's first workout with Focus XT.

    The product: Well the taste isn't anything amazing, definitely tastes like lemonade but you can also taste some major ingredients. But it's definitely not painful to drink... nothing compared to CEE. Mixed it with about 10oz. of water in a shaker bottle, mixed very easily and immediate.

    The drive: Well I took my first serving about 20 minutes before my workout and began driving to the gym. I began noticing some major focus right away while driving... almost like a tunnel vision.. might wanna put a warning label on this baby, Steve ...hehe. I also couldn't help but crank up my cd and headbang throughout the entire ride... man was I pumped and felt extremely aggressive.

    The weights: Well I have been cutting lately and doing it very well ... have increased in weight in a lot of exercises or stayed the same... today was no different.. I went into the gym knowing I was doing chest and thought it was going to be more of a blood volume day. Well that idea left real quick as I felt like I couldn't lift lighter on this stuff... had to go balls to the wall.. damn I was aggressive. I ended up throwing around a bit more weight than normal on Incline and had a real good session of flys at the end. One thing I noticed is my intesity changed as my music did.. the harder my music got the more I wanted to rip something apart.
    So the only downfall I see so far is... It's going to be mighty hard to not lift extremely heavy while taking this stuff..really puts you in the zone.

    Cardio: After a good session of weights I decided on a quick cardio session on the treadmill. This session lasted 20 minutes, which felt like it went rather quickly.. I'm going to have to have some more time to comment on this.

    Overall: Great day.. Lots of aggression and focus on the trip to the gym and in it. Lifted heavy and hard and had enough energy to put in some cardio time.. Loved Focus XT today for sure.. and I can't wait to see what else I'm in for.

  5. Day off

    Well today was a convenient day to take off so I did so... I did 30 minutes of light cardio in the afternoon but did not take any Focus XT because I was not in the need for an intense session. Tomorrow will most likely be legs..and another light cardio session... cannot wait to take another serving!!

    By the way... anybody wants to comment on anything feel free...

  6. 2nd Workout

    Today went great. I decided to do really light cardio before my leg workout which went really well. I hadn't even taken the Focus yet and I was already pretty pumped. I got done with my cardio session, ate a little, and took down my Focus XT.

    Today it seemed to take a little bit longer to kick in then the regular ten minutes, but when it did, I definitely felt it. Today it gave me a lot more focus than energy, but I think I enjoy either one just as much.

    I also noticed that when I take this product I notice small little details.. things that I usually don't notice.

    Overall a good day, lots of focus during my lifts and even during rest periods... still waiting to do an intense cardio session on this stuff... but so far I definitely love this stuff. Back tomorrow.

  7. 3rd Workout

    Today's workout went really well. I decided to do a back workout. I started with rack pulls and this was where I noticed Focus XT the most during my workout, probabley because it was when I went the heaviest and most intense. The rest of my workout went fairly well... but I didn't notice as much focus during it, just a little bit. I then did light cardio which seem to fly by like never before, this product really helped me through it today, and I notice it more during this cardio session then any other one's I have done so far. Still waiting to do an intense cardio session using it.. can't wait. Just gotta get the wheels healed up. I'll probabley take another day off tomorrow, maybe just light cardio, but again so far I can only say good things about this product!

  8. 4th Workout

    Well, after 2 days off, for rest and because of a lack of time, I had my fourth day of Focus. After not taking this product for several days it seemed to work practically as good as the first time I tried it. I did shoulders today, which was my last workout with my boys from back home , because I had to go back to college unfortunately. But man did I ever have a good one. I noticed some major focus and aggression throughout my workout, particularly during my compound, heavy lifts. My strength was just as good as it normally is and I was able to get through my workout without being too tired. I then did a semi-hard cardio session in which the Focus really seemed to help. It seemed like I was mad my entire cardio session and it seemed to fly by time wise.

    Arms, legs, or simply an intense cardio session is on the agenda for tomorrow, and I can't wait. Still waiting to get that full, all out intensity cardio session in on this product.. should be something to remember...

  9. 5th Workout

    Today I decided only on a cardio session because I was feeling pretty sore from shoulders yesterday. So I decided that it would be a great day to try this stuff during an intense cardio session. I used an eliptical machine for 20 minutes completely busting my balls and man this stuff was awesome.

    I got absolutely no sleep lastnight and was feeling like taking a nap after a got done with my classes today. I debated and debated and finally said screw it and popped some Focus XT. Bamm, it woke me up like no other. Within 20 minutes I was energized and ready to hit a cardio session with full intensity. Got through the workout real well, went really hard and intense and had an awesome frame of mind the entire time.

    After my session I went home and took in a few meals. After about 2 and a half hours I was starting to feel sleepy again, but this would have been perfect if I wanted to go through a full workout.
    Again, another good workout and I loved the cardio session on this product... wanted to do more but had to stop.

    Well that's all till tomorrow... when I hit chest

  10. 6th and 7th workout+class time

    Just got done with an awesome day on this stuff. I decided to seperate my workouts in between classes today and used two servings throughout the day.

    My first workout began in the morning around 10am after my first class. Again I wasn't sure if I wanted to take a nap or head to the gym for some cardio and I decided on heading to the gym. I did 25 minutes on the eliptical today using only about half a scoop of this product and the session went great, went through it like a breeze and I had to tell myself to stop.

    After this session I had my introduction to a new class, which I heard the class was difficult, so I decided to take another half a scoop. Well this seemed to be extremely effective giving me great sudden energy and tons of focus, it was like a took a whole scoop.

    Finally after class I headed back to the gym for my chest workout. I still had quite a "buzz" from the previous serving but decided to take a full scoop to see if I recieved any added benefit from doing so. Well I sure did... I was extremely aggressive at the gym and lifted very hard despite the fact I had an intense cardio session earlier today.

    I think I have found something that I would like to experiment more with: I found that taking smaller scoops and spreading them out throughout the day gives me a ton of aggression and focus. I am planning on experimenting more with this in the future. Cardio in the morning, legs tomorrow afternoon.. coming right up!!

  11. 8th workout

    Well again I spread my Focus Servings out throughout the entire day and recieved some major benefit from doing this... definitely more alert throughout the day. I did legs and I felt some really good concentration when doing them, even when I was training with two of my friends.. which I don't like to do. When my workout was nearing the end I still did'nt want to stop even though my body was telling me to haha. I finally had to stop just because I had nothing left in the tank to give it. Cutting Sucks ... Focus XT doesn't!!!

  12. 9th and 10th workout

    Today I did my cardio session and weight session seperately but, my cardio session was really intense today so I am counting them as two different workouts.

    My cardio workout was done on a eliptical machine like normal for a half an hour on added resistance. It was a very good session and I took one serving of Focus before it. I'm still no sure if I like this product more for weight sessions or cardio sessions cause it seems to help tremendously for both. I did my cardio session very hard and had huge focus on the music I was listening to at the time.. I had to catch myself a couple times cause I didn't want to be singing in front of some of the hot chicks on the machines beside me

    I also did my arms. I had my training partner from home come to my school for the day.. so it was super intense. I loved using this product again and noticed like normal it gave me a lot of aggression and anger towards the weights. Even though using it continueously for this long I still noticed some major benefits. Need a day off .. probabley coming next.

  13. 11th and 12th workout

    Well after waking up and getting very little sleep the night before I felt the day dragging right away. I needed to get a quick cardio session in so I popped some Focus XT into some green tea and man it was delicious. A fruity mix between lemonade and tea .. rather refreshing. I then headed to the gym and did a low intensity cardio session that lasted around 45 minutes. I can say enough about how Focus XT changes your moods when your listening to music. I have a minidisc player and I have several different discs. My cardio disc is a little lighter, more motivational then the rests of my discs and that's what I put in. Boy oh boy it got me determined. I was in the zone.

    Later on in the day I decided to do my back workout. Took one more serving of Focus, which it seemed like I really didn't even need... still felt it from before. Despite the huge crowd that was in the gym I still had a good workout. Energy, aggression were peaked and stayed pretty level throughout my workout. Another good day on this stuff.

  14. sounds like that arm day was pretty intense. i mean really sounds like you and your training bud from back home kill'emd that day!!!!!

  15. 13th workout

    I did shoulders today and spread two servings of Focus XT out throughout the day. Wow do I ever love this stuff when you are getting a constant amount of it throughout the day.. completely awake feeling, and major attention. I find it very useful to mix it up though... some days I take it full serving in one big dose, while others I spread two doses out throughout the day. I have recently also noticed that I have no trouble getting to sleep at night.. unlike other stims that I have taken that make me toss and turn all night... by the time it is bed time I am ready to hit the hay, I don't know if this is just because of the extra stress on me from school or if Focus has anything to do with that also. My shoulder workout went very well... I also notice that my mind never ever wonders during a set, it is completely fixed on that point and nothing else. If anyone has trouble with this I would suggest trying Focus, it will take care of your problem for sure. Well got a busy day tomorrow full of light cardio and most likely chest... oh by the way.. still luvin this product

  16. I'm currently taking it too, but to study.

    It's awesome, kind of like coffee mixed with Aderral (sp?).

  17. Quote Originally Posted by xxtruxx1
    I'm currently taking it too, but to study.

    It's awesome, kind of like coffee mixed with Aderral (sp?).
    Glad you are liking it for studying purposes. That is seeming to be a very good niche for the product. We have several ongoing logs on it for that use.
    Tell Us What You Want to See Next From SNS - PM Me!

    Focus XT - The Leading Nootropic Energy Drink for Advanced Mental Clarity, Focus, Concentration, & Improved Sense of Well-Being.

  18. yea it is awesome for studying... I go through assignments a lot faster than normal for sure

  19. 14th Workout

    Well I just hopped out of the gym right now after one of the best chest workouts i've ever had. I took my Focus probabley about 30 minutes before my workout, again with the green tea, a great combonation for sure. All I can say is AMAZING ... like I said a second ago ... one of the best chest workouts I have ever had AND I'm cutting! I started with Incline Dumbell and went absolutely crazy on it...heaviest I have ever gone.. and my partner said it looked like I could have gone heavier. I also think some of my intensity rubbed off on my training partner today...cause we both seemed to work extremely hard for every rep today. I dunno Steve.. maybe a contact buzz?!!?

    Anyways... next we went to a seated rear delt machine... which we turned around and used for a machine fly.. again, used a TON of weight on these.. I can honestly say weight I was using when I was bulking. Intensity and aggression were through the roof on this one also...

    We did one more exercise and got out of there.. maybe the fastest workout I've ever had also. hehe. Definitely think you got something REAL here Steve... can't say enough about this product!

    Arms and cardio tomorrow... on... FRIDAY wooooohoooo

  20. Im almost done with my second tub, its great stuff, I too use it for studying and find it helps a ton.

  21. 15th Workout

    It's Friday!!! Well today I chose to do bi's tri's like stated above. I took two servings of Focus XT today which were spread throughout the day. My first serving was spread out before my cardio session and lasted about an hour afterward.. I still noticed some effects during my session... mainly just added attention to my music... which is a good thing! I then took in my second serving about 40 minutes before my workout and spread it throughout my workout... it also lasted probabley about 20 minutes past my workout. I noticed big time aggression today.. it almost seems like this stuff is kicking back in full steam, like it was in the beginning... I was extremely aggressive today and did not want to talk or even acknowledge anyone. I simply crushed the weights again... using some real heavy weight on my compound exercises for some major reps.

    I'm really anxious to pop some more of this stuff tomorrow... LEGS!

  22. Good to see that the product is working out so well.

  23. Yea it's definitely working very well... I'm going to be sad when it's all gone.

    16th Workout

    Well... here we go again... another fantastic workout, hope this isnt getting annoying but I cannot help but say how well my workouts have been going.. and I definitley give much credit to Focus XT, it is definitely taking my workouts to another notch.

    Today I did legs and I began them with some heavy heavy sets of extensions.. I noticed major focus during this part of my workout, probabley because of the weights that I was using during it. These went very well and afterwards I went on to do hams. I had a very big pump in my legs and was still rarin to get more blood into them. Next I did lunges, this is when I noticed Focus the most today. I had to stop and calm myself down at times because I was doing them way to fast, the weight just seemed easy, and I wanted to just tear it apart. I also had trouble keeping my mouth shut during these, man did I wana scream out "light weight"

    So overall another very eventful and exciting day using this product.. anyone out there undecided about using a stim for working out, try Focus XT out, trust me, you won't be disappointed.

  24. 17th Workout

    What's up all... just finished another excellent day using Focus XT.. Today I decided on spreading my doses out throughout the day starting at about noon for my early cardio session and then again before my back workout. It worked rather well, I had good Focus and attention throughout the day, especially in my late afternoon math course, that is really tough. My back workout went very well and again I used weights that I really shoudln't be using during cutting, I felt really strong and had a lot of mental and physical endurance. I noticed a slight downgrade in it at the end of my workout but I attribute that more to fatigue then anything else. Well I'm off to do some homework and get ready for shoulders tomorrow.. can't wait.. check back soon

  25. 18th Workout

    Wow what a day. Just got done nailing shoulders not that long ago and it was an amazing workout. I only used one serving of Focus XT today, and it was a lot earlier in the day for my cardio session. The attention and aggressiveness was awesome during my cardio session and it was just as good if not better during my weight session later on in the day. This stuff really sticks with you throughout the day which is really nice, because unlike other supplements you dont have to take it a bunch of different times during the day.

    So anyways, I started out shoulders with upright rows, for those who don't know me, they are my favorite exercise. Well I rocked them.. I had the music cranked on my headphones and I used some heavy heavy weight. I went through the rest of my workout using some drop sets techniques and I felt huge... my mind was PUMPED. I eventually ended with heavy barbell shurgs where I really felt this product. I was pouring sweat and using some major bar bending poundages hehehe... and guess what... I did not have a care in the world except for moving that weight that was in front of me...

    Truely another awesome workout with this stuff... I think I have finally realized that my mind doesn't get tired of this stuff... everytime it seems to work just as good as the next... probabley have some cardio sessions tomorrow... I'll probabley take the day off from weights ... keep checkin back


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