SNS Focus XT Test, Review, & Log

  1. SNS Focus XT Test, Review, & Log

    I want to start off by thanking Steve for letting me log and review this prodct.

    Product: SNS Focust XT
    Focus XT: Mental Focus. Clarity. Concentration. Improved Performance, and More

    Focus XT’s state-of-the-art cutting edge formulation combines precise ratios of active ingredients in order to provide users with a myriad of uses, including a variety of benefits in pertaining to improved mental focus and concentration, anti-stress, and performance enhancement.

    Focus XT can be used by individuals for a variety of purposes, whether it be by individuals trying to improve their workout or athletic performance, by students wanting to enhance focus, concentration, and productivity at school, by individuals whose job requires optimal mental performance, or others who feel they may benefit from the variety of benefits that Focus XT is reportedly being used for.

    Common User Feedback Indicates Focus XT Being Used For:
    - Improved Mental Focus*
    - Mental Alertness and Concentration*
    - Mental Clarity*
    - Anti-Stress Properties*
    - Maximizing Energy Levels*
    - Optimal Mental Performance*
    - Concentration*
    - Memory*
    - Improved Endurance*
    - Pre-Athletic Activity Energy and Focus*
    - Increased Fat Burning During Exercise*
    - Improved Mind-Muscle Connection*
    - Combating Overtraining Syndrome*
    - Pre-Workout Energy and Focus*

    Common Feedback includes:
    - Improvements in mental alertness, focus, clarity, and concentration.*
    - Improvements in athletic endurance, drive, and motivation.*
    - Being able to train for longer durations of time and more intensely.*
    - Improved Sense and Feelings of Well-Being.*
    - Improved performance at school and work.*

    - No energy crash associated with some energy products on the market today.
    - Most users do not report any of the nervousness that is commonly associated with many other energy enhancers.
    - Precise ratios of ingredients. Each ingredient is used at a specific dosage for a specific reason. (This is not a ‘little bit of everything, not enough of anything’ type product.)
    - And More

    Something to think about:
    You feel tired and unmotivated, your thought process is not clear. An activity that requires concentration and focus is the last thing you want to do whether it is a workout, your job, class, or a big test. You know the feeling. It can be a vicious cycle. It’s not an answer, it’s not a cure all, but help has arrived, and help has a name, Focus XT.

    Supplement Facts:
    Serving Size: 1 scoop
    Servings per Container: 20
    Amount per Serving
    Focus XT Blend 9800mg
    Choline Bitartrate
    Huperzine A
    Caffeine: 200 mg.

    Previous Experience with Nootropics: ALCAR, PLCAR, Rhodolia Rosea, Chocomine, Aniracetam, Piracetam, Omega Brain Drive, Neurostim + C, Neurostim, Ergo AMP, Biotest Spike

    Initial Thoughts: I love Neurostim and after comparing the labels Focust XT is similar, but holds an advantage in the fact it has a higher dosage. Neurostim-6805, Focus-9800. This made me happy

    Cost: 25 for Focus XT and 25 for the new Neurostim Caps

    Taste: I for one liked both of Neurostim's flavors and the tangy-ness they had. Focus xt is pink lemonade flavored. My first thought was this could be quite good, seeing how i like lemonade. I go on to mix it up and the taste was a little off from what i had imagined. IMO it isnt as good as neurostim, but it is not bad. I had no trouble getting it down, and feel that it tastes quite good, but not quite as good as the old neurostims.

    Day 1

    I will call yesterday day one as a base for comparing Neurostim to Focus becuase yesterday i used neurostim. i really love the feeling that neurostim gives me, it definitely gets me "in the zone" and focused in on what ever i am doing. the effects seem to really kick in for me about 45 min after i take it, and from there it lasts a good few hours, i'd say around 4. I experience no negative side effects such as a crash or any rebound fuzzy headedness (like i do on Stim X). To put it one way, it is very clean energy, not the type from E/C where you want to get up and start moving around or go for a run, but the type where you feel like you can do whatever you want for however long you want to

    Day 2

    First dose of Focus XT. While preparing the cocktail one thing that kind of bothered me was the serving size. It is one "heaping scoop" and i can really make that scoop vary quite a bit in size depending on how "heaping" i want to make it. That being said, i think anyone that purchases this product should be able to put 2 and 2 togehter and infer what a heaping scoop is give or take a few g's.

    I mixed it up, drank it down and patiently anticipated the effects to kick in. I am now sitting here about 30-40 min after taking it and feel totally incredible. I am REALLY focused in and am SOO thankful Steve sent this to me seeing how i have 2 exams tomorrow and need to get massive amounts of studying done. The effects so far are VERY similar to Neurostim, but i would say about 50% greater in intensity. It is definitely stronger than Neurostim which is awesome.

    So in conclusion after 1 dose about 30-40 min ago i can already say that this stuff is great due to my previous experience with Nootropics and the fact this surpasses all of them.

    Side note: Focus XT is nice and powdery and easy to scoop, my last batch of neurostim wasnt quite like this as you can see from the pics

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  2. Update

    I had 2 exams today, so i took one serving of Focus XT upon waking then ate about 30 min later. about 15 min after that i felt it kick in really strong and got down to do hours of studying.

    about 6 hours later, 30 min before my exam i hit a second dose. The second dose hit me quicker than the first, and it was great timing for my exams.

    So far i have noticed absolutely 0 loss of "strength/effectiveness" which is great news. I dont know if i would really consider it an appetite suppressant, but i am so into studying that i lose track of everything, including time and food. I have to constantly remind myself to eat after taking the Focus XT.

    I also mixed one of my 2 servings in crystal light yellow lemonade. It definitely improved the overall drinking experience. I had one burp about an hour after taking it and it tasted like really nasty, acidic lemonade.

    Its about 6 hours after my second dose and i can slightly feel the increase in concentration/focus. There is absolutely no crash from this. the coming down happens very gradually and smoothly which makes the experience much more enjoyable

  3. Have you found it better to take it on an empty stomach and then eat 30 minutes later, wait longer than that, or take it say 30 minutes after you eat...I really like neurostim so this has me interested.

  4. Well, the updates in this thread have somewhat been few and far between, but thats becaue i rarely use the Focus XT. Its kinda my little 'treat' so i only use it when i feel i really need to.

    that being said, i will be using a lot of it in the upcoming week, its finals week

    i just took my next dose and i will report later on with the effects. i mixed it in cystal light strawberry kiwi mix and it tastes the best out of any other method so far

  5. Yesterdays dose was great, for some reason it seemed to hit me quicker than the other doses, probably within 15 min. It lasted a good 4 hours before i could feel the effects start to diminish. It gave me a great boost in mental energy. Before taking it i didnt want to do anything, but after i felt great and got in some great studying.

    Will take another dose today and report

  6. Hit another dose yesterday with great results. Got some boost, and studied for a while. It hit me in about 25 min or so and lasted about 3-4 hours. No crash at all, but i dont really crash from anything (the only thing i have crashed from is Stim x).

    I gave some to a girl i know and she said she liked it a lot. I also gave the girl some amp a while ago and i asked her how she liked this compared to the AMP. she said that she likes this better than 2 amps, but likes 3 amps better than this.

    I personally like this better than 3 amps, but 3 amps for her might be like 4 amps for me...and ive never tried 4 amps.

    hopefully that helps some people.

    i will most likely hit another dose today in an hour or so.

  7. had 2 exams, back to back today. I took one serving about 45 min before the first, then started walking to the exam. The entire first exam (2 hours) i was very wide eyed and was feeling great. After those 2 hour (2:45 since i took the dose) i walked to my 2 exam, got there and started sipping on my second serving. Everytime i took another gulp i got an additionall kick. It is now about 2 hours since i finished my second serving and i am still really, really zoned in. i just hope i can get to sleep tonight


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