2019 More Massive and Shredded by The Day Log: Brought to you by Cordygen-Nano2 Elite

  1. 2019 More Massive and Shredded by The Day Log: Brought to you by Cordygen-Nano2 Elite

    Hello everyone again!

    Okay the time has finally come to start my MASSIVE MONSTER cycle! So Iím mainly looking to recomp (who isnít?), but if it turns into a clean bulk or cut, I donít mind. Iím getting old, 28 years old in fact, so I most likely wonít be running crazy compounds much longer besides testosterone. This year I am only adding two new things to my regiment of CRAZY GEAR! Generously donated to me was Cordygen-Nano2 Elite from Millennium Sport Technologies and Apex Alchemy Eclipse, Transdermal AI (log will be added to this post.).

    Everything else I am running, I have run many times before and know what effects they have on my body. I recently got blood work done, Testosterone was super low normal levels, Estrogen was actually super high like 140 (never been high before, even on cycle) so glad I have the new Eclipse product! Liver was perfect, cholesterol was a little high, except HDL which was good at 56. Other than that, everything was around normal.

    Quick Stats:
    Age: 28
    Height: 6í5Ē
    Weight: 249lbs
    BF: Around 16-17% (I know itís high, but yolo)

    -Test P: 300mgs per week (Increasing dose every few weeks, switch to Test E after 4-5 weeks)
    -Tbol: 20mgs morning, 40mgs PWO (because I need them quick gainzz)
    -Proviron: 25mgs morning, 25mgs Post Workout (For my girlfriend)
    -MK-677: 25mgs before bed (For my vivid dreams)
    -GW: 10mgs ED (For my cholesterol)
    -11-Keto: 200mgs transdermal ED (For extra visceral fat loss)
    -S4: 50mgs ED (For those eyesight gainzz/veins)
    -Cialis: 20mgs ED (For my girlfriend)
    -Apex Alchemy Eclipse: 10 pumps a day, five in the morning, five at night
    -Cordygen-Nano2 Elite: Two caps, one hour PWO
    May throw in mid cycle, depending on bloods: SD, DHB, Winny (just extra stuff I have)

    Supplements taken each day: TUDCA (1gram), Fish Oil (2-3 grams), COQ10, Hawthorne Berry Extract, Corn Silk, Olive Oil Leaf Extract, Celery Seed Extract, Nattokinase, Alpha Lipoic Acid, NAC, Multi-Vitamin, Noni, Probiotic, Grape Seed Extract, and Cinnamon.

    Iím not into the food porn much so: breakfast will be either 2-3 whole eggs, with egg whites, chees, Ezekiel bread, maybe a meat added and protein shake. Or a big bowl of oatmeal and protein shake, or I cheat with soup if left over from dinner. Lunch will be leftovers or a sandwich and protein shake. Protein shake mid-day, protein shake with carbs after each workout, and then dinner will be a meat, grain, veggy. Before bed will be either eggs, cottage cheese and protein shake or maybe all three. Some hand fulls of nuts thrown in through the day. Goal will be to get around 300g of protein a day.

    A write up on Cordygen-nano2 Elite:
    NEW! OxyCeps-NanO2 Cordyceps PLUS ActiGin!

    60- V-Caps & 120 V-Caps Sizes!

    16:1 EXTRACT (equivalent to 12g whole herb Cordyceps per serving)
    100% NATURAL

    Cordygen-NanO2 ELITE combines our exclusive OxyCeps-NanO2 cordyceps with ActiGin to make our most potent endurance, oxygen utilization and ATP support matrix to date.* Cordygen-NanO2 ELITE is delivered via easy to swallow veggie capsules for Rapid Release & Action!

    OxyCeps-NanO2 is our DNA certified, US biomass cultured, water dispersible, 100% USDA organic, 16:1 extract (equivalent to 12g of cordyceps whole herb per serving) of hybrid strain Cordyceps (militaris & sinensis) with a highly reduced particle size (38% nano particle) and a minimum of 80% polysaccharides. The higher concentration of active constituents provides superior performance, while the reduced particle size ensures rapid absorption and action.

  2. The bottle was delivered fast and the bottle is super shiny and nice! I always give my pills a shake to hear them, this bottle was packed tightly and no real noise. After opening it, I found enough cotton inside to make a killer stinger tank top! Lol joking aside, I know it's to keep the pills safe. I will be dosing these two pills about an hour PWO.

    Workout today, after work will be back and chest, calves, and cardio.

    My workout splits are as follows:
    Shoulders, traps, abs, cardio.
    Chest, back, calves, cardio.
    Bis, tris, forearms, abs, cardio.
    Legs, calves, cardio.

    I'm going to try and update my logs as often as possible. Mainly will be updating: Weight, vascularity, libido, endurance, and strength.I will be dosing this for the first time today, two caps PWO. Looking very much forward to it!

  3. DAY 2!

    Last night I took two caps and hour or so pwo. My stomach did feel like I had to poop, but I think I just had to poop ! I was sweating like crazy though after just a few working sets, and I haven't really broken a sweat in many months. Cardio I did treadmill for 20 minutes, going slow still since I want to work my way up. It seemed pretty easy though, no heavy breathing. Will be using again today pwo!

    Had a long workout last night: Chest, back, calves, and cardio. I do a back exercise (several sets), then chest (Several sets), and repeat.
    This was a zero free weight day: Lat pull downs, behind the neck pull downs, lower back extension machine, overhead pull machine, and one handed seated rows. Incline chest press machine, decline press machine, flat bench machine, chest fly machine. Then went into standing calf machine, and seated calf raise machine, followed by 20 minutes of cardio (10 minutes in the morning too).

    Today's breakfast was whole eggs, egg whites, pork roll, Ezekiel bread.

    Today's workout will be ARMS!! Best day ever. Along with forearms and cardio. Maybe sauna after for a bit.

  4. Awesome! In!
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative
    (50% off code "AMJAN50")

  5. DAY 3-4-5 update!!

    Okay so Friday night was arms, I had great endurance and ended up doing 500 reps of bis and tris with moderate weight, along with forearms and cardio. The pump was legit. I felt much stronger and the sweat has been coming down like no other.

    I worked out legs Saturday, which is my weak point by far. Except my calves, those babies are peeled to the bone! Legs are not as big as upper body so I will be trying to work them out more this time around.

    Taking the Cordygen has been as easy as swallowing two pills an hour pwo. I haven't felt any upset stomach or side effects so far. I feel like my cardio is up and sweat is way up. Still early, I like to give everything a couple weeks before I make actual judgement.

    Today I will be training super later as I have a meeting after work. Going to train shoulders, traps, abs, cardio.

    Also, on scale I am up about 3-4lbs since I started last Thursday. I'm sure half is water weight, but nothing like seeing the scale move.

    Stay tuned!

  6. Day 6 update!

    So it's still pretty early to be noticing anything miraculous, but I'm starting to feel that fullness in my muscles all day long. Diet has been pretty much on point, except last night for a birthday..oops! I will weight myself tomorrow, day 7 and see what weight changes there are. So far, I have no complaints with the product, still taking 2 caps about an hour pwo. Cardio has been easy, been adding in about 10mins on elliptical as well at home.

    Sunday I was working all day and had no time to train. Monday was shoulders and traps, Tuesday was chest and back, and today is the only day that matters... ARMS! I'll throw in abs and cardio too. I fell like my strength is def up too. Dreams have been weird AF, maybe from the mk677??

    Will hopefully update again tomorrow!

  7. Definitely not too early to notice the benefits of proper nutrition! Glad it's working for you!
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative
    (50% off code "AMJAN50")


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