My Review of Virtus

  1. My Review of Virtus

    I had logged Virtus (That I purchased myself) in combination with DAA late last year. I decided to give a quick write up/review of Virtus.

    Virtus is an aromatase inhibitor. This means that it limits the amount of testosterone that can aromatize into estrogen.

    I have used CEL Formestane in the past, as well as the other topical fomestane product. I have used the original Erase as well. Those were the two best legal OTC AI's in the past.

    So how did it compare to those two awesome compounds that are no longer on the market? Well, I was dosing at .5mg ED, and I had to dose .5mg EOD, as I was getting some nasty side effects for having too low of estrogen; not a bad thing when testing out an AI; it is doing its job. The product did a great job at drying me out, especially while I was on a bulk. I would say Virtus is better than Formestane, and compares to original Erase. It is a great topical AI, that you can use EOD, get great results, and makes it real cost effective. I was not on cycle, so I cannot comment on cycle effectiveness AI, but I am sure it can get the job done.

    Overall, I would purchase the product again, and especially if I am taking a Natty Test Booster that lacks an AI, this would be an obvious good stack choice.

  2. @ValiantThor08

    thank you for this unsolicited review.

    glad you liked virtus!!!

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  3. Quote Originally Posted by thebigt View Post

    thank you for this unsolicited review.

    glad you liked virtus!!!
    What is IF's muscle builder?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by jameschoi View Post
    What is IF's muscle builder?
    iconogenin is the product I would choose specifically for building muscle....dermacrine/sustain combo would work more indirectly by improving motivation/energy/stamina and just plain feel good affect.

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  5. yes, thank you for the review, much appreciated!

    I've not heard complaints that Virtus isn't potent enough
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  6. Virtus is amazing. Iíve got a bottle.
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  7. Nice review man! Seems like a lot of people like it.
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