Foxy becomes an Icon --- Iconogenin Log

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  1. Foxy becomes an Icon --- Iconogenin Log


    Age: 48 (49 in April)
    Ht: 5'7"
    Wt: 180
    BF: 17-19%

    Current Split:

    Chest / Calfs
    Back / Traps
    Shoulders / Legs

    Current Supps:

    Iconic Formulations--- Iconogenin
    Protein --- PES Select
    Pre & Intra --- Various
    600mg KSM-66

  2. Foxy becomes an Icon --- Iconogenin Log

    Initial thoughts on first application:

    Going to start with 3 pumps daily on traps, shoulders, neck and upper arms. I have used Dermacrine in the past & the carrier in Iconogenin was exactly how I remember it in Dermacrine. I love the fact that it’s not runny. Goes on like a body lotion. Has a Fresh Clean smell. It does have a slight alcohol smell, but nothing bad or too strong. Dried in 5-6 minutes.

  3. Following this one! I just started mine earlier this week.

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    Yikes, a little heavier than I prefer. Gained about 7-8 lbs from Oct to Feb. Starting weight is 180. Goal for this log will be to drop about 4-6 lbs without losing any strength. Looking forward to some possible joint benefits as well.

  5. Cool! I'll get in on this log.
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  6. DAY 1 : Chest / Calfs

    NOTES: Nothing to report. I think I'll give a 1wk,2wk,3wk and than a Final review.

  7. DAY 2 : 30 min Rowing

    NOTES: Thought I'd add a rowing day - I have a decent home rower.

  8. DAY 3 : Back & Traps

    NOTES: Felt good in the gym today.

  9. DAY 4 : Rest Day

  10. DAY 5 : Shoulders & Legs

    NOTES: 1 week update coming soon!

  11. DAY 6 : Arms

    NOTES: Really nice workout today!
  12. Foxy becomes an Icon --- Iconogenin Log

    DAY 7 : Chest & Calfs


    Down 1 lb & Have noticed some nice muscle fullness throughout the day. Vascularity seems to be increasing. Will post a pic on the next arm day. (Noticed a really nice pump a couple days ago) Joints are feeling better too, yesterday was the first time in awhile that I've done Incline Bench with zero irritation. My left shoulder has some aching (nothing painful) but I felt nothing from yesterday which is great. I'm really thinking of not cutting too much (I’ll be happy with dropping 4-5lbs) - I'm liking the fullness & joint benefits and I'm thinking of concentrating more on strength. Also thinking of going to 4 pumps but I'll wait until after another week. So far - So Good!

  13. nice, glad to see some benefits kicking in!
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  14. DAY 8 : Back & Traps

    NOTES: Starting to feel increased recovery times. Will monitor for a week 2 review.

  15. DAY 9 : Rest

    NOTES: Looking forward to Shoulders tomorrow!
  16. Foxy becomes an Icon --- Iconogenin Log

    DAY 10 : Shoulders & Arms

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    NOTES: Nice Pump Today!

  17. DAY 11 : Rest

    NOTES: 2 week review coming soon!

  18. In for this Code Frey10 .
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  19. DAY 14 : Chest / Triceps / Calfs


    (Down 2 lbs) Starting to feel stronger in the gym. Really noticed it today for Chest. Also finding it difficult to wait between sets, find myself ready to go much earlier than normal. For the last 2 weeks I'm going to try 4 pumps/day. Need to watch the calories better, feel like I've been too lenient on a few days. Appetite does seem to be up over the last 7 days.

  20. DAY 15 : Rest

    NOTES: Starting 4 pumps/day

  21. DAY 19 : Back / Traps / Biceps

    NOTES: Awesome workout - Didn't want to leave the gym!
    First time in a long time that I seriously wanted to just keep adding in exercises and sets.

  22. DAY 20 : Rest

    NOTES: Going back to 3 pumps tomorrow, tried 4 pumps for a week but would rather extend my run than increase the dose. Don't think I noticed any extra benefit on the added pump. But I realize it was just 1 week of 4 pumps.

  23. How long after applying this do you have to wait before you can workout?


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