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    This will be an ongoing documentation of my usage of Azoth 2.0, nootropic formula. The log is targeted and making me accountable for my use and also to provide a comprehensive account of dosages, combination with other stimulants and generally account of the best way to use Azoth. I will update this original post with a more substantial post regarding my statistics/sporting endeavours.

    For now, I would appreciate some subs and we will get this Azoth show on the road.

    *** For information *** - I blog/manage social media in parts for Azoth so I have an involvement with the company. @Euclides

    A bit about me...
    I am 34 years of age. I have been training for around 13 years in various disciplines. I now concentrate on Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and the strength/conditioning work that goes into that. My lifting can be described as low repetition, high weight work. I do very little outwith Squat, Bench, Deadlift and OHP.

    I use Azoth primarily for BJJ sessions. I have tried a number of different avenues in the past, pre workouts / supplements that bring agitation, itchiness etc are no use for fighting in my opinion. Hopefully this log can assist BJJ fighters make a decision when considering Azoth as a supplement option.
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  2. Looking forward to this brother.
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  3. In on this for sure!
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  4. Today is a bit of a training filled day, with very little relaxation involved before I get to bed tonight. Deadlift session this morning, working in 20kg increments up to max of 190kg. I filled out the rest of the session with some assistance exercises, in particular a row, similar to the row that Cailer Woolam seems to enjoy.

    I am currently utilising a Glucose Disposal Agent in conjunction with my usage of Azoth. Today is the first day, I will be encouraged to see how both interact and what benefit I can gain from it.

    It's 1pm where I am in the world and I can some tasks I need to do today. I have had 2 caps of Azoth with a generous serving of fats. My next training session is at 6.30pm and prior to this I will be dosing 1 other cap of Azoth in conjunction with a large Americano. This approach is what as prompted this Azoth log. I used to love stimulants before training but had to stop due to the lack of sleep I was getting at night after necking a stim packed pre workout. The steady release I have been getting from Azoth has been really positive and I find it does not stop me from sleeping.

    I will update later tonight with how the session went and what I found from this protocol.

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  5. Fantastic dosing yesterday if I do say so myself.

    One cap at 1845 just prior to training with a medium Americano (black coffee). Total focus, total energy. It was carb filled day yesterday, interested to see what reaction I will get with a higher fat approach which is what will next be on the list.

    4L of water throughout the day. Nothing else to report, keeping it simple as I can.

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  6. With the combination of a training camp abroad and a really busy schedule, this log has not been on my list of priorities. I will take some time to change things up now. I will include more of training based note regarding what I am doing each day, what my reactions have been to supplementation and any changes in weight etc.

    I weighed myself yesterday, 89.5kg (197lbs) which is a nice weight for me. I don't feel particularly lethargic and I feel as if my body is functioning well at the moment. Training wise, I had 45 minutes CV and a moderate bro split Chest / Tricep session to ease myself into a bit of normality after being abroad, training and eating differently.

    Chest - 5 Exercises
    Flat Bench Press (Feet up) - 4x8, 1x3 (fail)
    Incline Chest Press - 4x8, 1x3 (fail)
    Decline Chest Press - 4x8, 1x3 (fail)
    Cable Concentration - 4x8, 1x3 (fail)
    Technogym Fly - 4x8, 1x3 (fail)

    Tricep - 4 Exercises
    Rope Push down - 4x8, 1x3 (fail)
    Single arm handle push down - 4x8, 1x3 (fail)
    Bar Push down - 4x8, 1x3 (fail)
    Weighted dips - 4x8, 1x3 (fail)

    I had a typical birthday pizza. The nutritional values of which are below.....

    Calories 2,040 Sodium 3 mg
    Total Fat 82 g Potassium 0 mg
    Saturated 37 g Total Carbs 235 g
    Polyunsaturated 0 g Dietary Fiber 0 g
    Monounsaturated 0 g Sugars 55 g
    Trans 0 g Protein 93 g
    Cholesterol 0 mg

    It was obviously a carb heavy meal so utilised the GDA extensively here. No Azoth required on this day!

    I ate more, trained moderately and woke up 88.8kg (195lbs). I fight this weekend in BJJ, long competitive days so I will be utilising Azoth quite extensively.

    I will update Monday.

  7. Fights did not go as planned so I am afraid it back to the drawing board on that front.

    I took some time off logging here and logging my lifts in the gym as I was looking to revitalise my approach and my enjoyment of training. It is something I place great importance in. I am currently sitting at 89.1kg which is a weight I am comfortable with.

    I have the time so over the next short while I will be engaging here on my log and utilising Azoth to the best of it's ability. There is no gargantuan effort going in regarding consumption of food. I'm currently sitting at a maintenance phase which is best for me at the moment to support my training. I have toyed with Keto in the past, however can't seem to tolerate the "Keto flu" that associates with the initial stages of the diet. It was leading to horrible headaches and general nausea. It may be something that I look at again in the future.

    For now, I have popped one serving of Azoth as I have some articles to polish off and CV to do.

    If anyone has any questions regarding Azoth, please feel free to direct message or post them here. I have extensive experience and knowledge of the product.

    Until tommorow.

  8. Pre Workout - D Stunner Alpha (Grape) with 2 caps Azoth - Quickly becoming a very topical choice for me. D Stunner itself is an epic product and I am finding Azoth is complimenting it extremely well. It locks me in, I am in my own world when lifting and this combination is definitely assisting.

    Post Workout - SAS Nutrition Whey Isolate - Toffee

    Had a massive urge to train shoulders today, just as well that was on the list for today's workout. I always go with the intention of a number of separate lateral movements and forget/neglect front work.

    Shoulder - 5 Exercises
    Upright Row (Smith Machine) 2x8, 1x6, 1x3 (To fail)
    Technogym Shoulder Press (Plate loading) - 2x8, 1x6, 1x3 (To fail)
    OHP - 2x8, 1x6, 1
    Dumbell Shoulder Press (Standing) - 2x8, 1x6, 1x3 (To fail)
    Dumbell Shoulder Press (Seated) - 2x8, 1x6, 1x3 (To fail)

    Various other shoulder mobility work carried out on completion. Shoulders are not quite what they used to be.

    Other supplements used today include my daily serving of Project AD grazed (Greens formula) in Chocolate flavour. If anyone hasn't tried it, you really should! 4 ice cubes, Almond Milk, 1 scoop of Grazed. It is the best tasting greens product out there.

    Training against this evening at BJJ with a steam room recovery session planned for this afternoon. Food wise, low (ish) carb day today.

    Meal 1
    200G Oats
    4 Egg Omlette

    Meal 2
    Garlic Salmon Fillets
    100G Rice
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  9. @Poolcue you're a savage.
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by Euclides View Post
    @Poolcue you're a savage.
    Learning from THE savage brother
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  11. Pre Workout - AD Stampede Untamed + 2 caps Azoth
    Post Workout - SAS Nutrition Isolate - Toffee

    I do not usually train on a Sunday however yesterday afternoon I was feeling in good shape after a hard week of physical work and felt I should take advantage. I decided to train Chest as my gym is usually quiet on a Sunday morning. I also wanted to avoid training chest on a Monday and we all know why.

    Bench Press - Warm up, 2x8, 1x6. - Threw on a Reactive slingshot for 2 reps.
    Incline Press (Plate Loaded) 20 rep warm, 2x8, 3x3
    Chest Press (Plate Loaded) 20 rep warm, 2x8, 3x3
    Chest Fly - Suppose I could look this as a warm down. Very little weight, focusing on contraction and feel.

    V Bar Pushdown - 4x8, 1x3 (fail)
    Rope Pulldown - 4x8, 1x3 (fail)
    Handle Extension - 4x8, 1x3 (fail)

    Ab circuit to finish off.

    Back to paper logging my workout tommorow after a short break. I felt I was taking far too many rest periods between exercises and sets so will be changing things tommorow to reset this balance.

    Combining Azoth with a pre workout is working extremely well for me. I was completely dialled in today, I wasn't wired and agitated which to be fair I just cannot stand anymore. It is not what I want from a pre workout supplement. In the next few weeks, I am looking at a stim break and combining Azoth with fat sources pre workout. We all need a break sometimes from the norm.

  12. Pre Workout - D Stunner Alpha (Grape) - 1 cap Azoth
    Post Workout - SAS Nutrition Isolate - Toffee

    Very busy day yesterday meant I struggled to get on and update my log. I am currently developing EU/UK strategy and stockists of Azoth so alot of data, emails, spreadsheets etc.

    From my previous posts, I am a little pissed regarding front deltoid development. It has always been a difficulty so I am working continually when shoulder time comes around to reduce the deficit that I think I have.

    Shoulder - 4 Exercises
    Upright Row - 4x8, 1x6, 1x3 (To Fail)
    Seated Shoulder Press - 4x8, 1x6, 1x3 (To Fail)
    Shrugs - 50 reps, 3 plates.
    Lateral Raise - 4x8, 1x6, 1x3 (To Fail)

    Hamstrings - 2 Exercises
    Stiff Leg deadlifts - Focusing on contraction and feel
    Leg Curl - 4x8, 1x6, 1x3 (To Fail)

    Calves - 3 Exercises
    200 Bodyweight - Normal stance
    100 Bodyweight - Toes Inward
    100 Bodyweight - Toes Outward

    Freaky, sweaty session for me. Absolutely wired in with the shoulder work and feel in some way that I am progressing in the right manner. Nothing is going to change overnight and the work has to get done! Next log will feature some screenshots from my current nutritional approach and how it works with Azoth.

  13. Absolutely slacked with the log the past few weeks. Once again I have had a look at things and decided I must make time to provide justification for my training, whether that be BJJ or gym work.

    Pre Workout - D Stunner Alpha (Grape) - 1 cap Azoth
    Post Workout - SAS Nutrition Isolate - Toffee

    Decided last night to open a new week with a work up to near max on Flat Bench. No Slingshot, no wraps, no chalk, no belt. For about the past year, I have tried alot of different avenues. Not training bench as much, training it 3x a week etc, you name it, I have more than likely done it. I still sit at around 88kg so ideally for this year I am looking to be comfortably sitting at 120kg for BP. There is such a stigma attached to it, however I only care about my progress and my progress alone, not the bro bencher next to me. Managed to get 4 reps put at 110kg today so I am moving in the correct direction.

    To move away from training for a moment. I had a few days last week where I tried to return to a Ketogenic diet. I made mistakes, felt unwell and had to abandon my plans. This is the third time that I have made attempts at it. It either does not suit me or I am so far off doing it correctly. I think it is potentially a bit of both.

    Finished off today's session with some paused abdominal work that I have utilised since I trained in Thailand a few years back. If they know one thing, the Thai's know how to train abs.
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  14. Still here and committed to having the log updated with my work.

    Pre Workout - 1 scoop AD Untamed, 2 caps Azoth
    Intra - AD Raging Full, AD Aminotaur
    Post - SAS Nutrition Toffee Isolate

    Late night BJJ session last night, focusing on taking the back and some positional sparring. Not alot of sleep, at the most about 5 hours so I was slightly skeptical when I got up in the morning as I thought I hadn't had enough rest. This is where Azoth comes into it's own for me. Personally, it gives me an insane amount of focus and it put me in that zone. It isn't even a full dose either!

    Shoulder work was the order of the day today. As I have remarked in the past, the development of my shoulder, especially front deltoid. Working hard on this aspect is giving me the fire to train shoulders and some serious determination.

    Standing lateral raise
    Seated lateral raise
    Technogym Shoulder press
    Seated Shoulder Press

    Slight pain in my right shoulder, maybe due to over use. I used the time I had left to get blood circulating to my quads due to feeling some stiffness and dull pain. I watched some footage of IFBB Sas Heirati doing something similar. I had hardly any weight on the stack, focused on contraction and had to stop when I couldn't take it anymore.
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  15. Pre - 2 caps Azoth + trial of a Fat Burner
    Intra - AD Aminotaur - Cola
    Post - SAS Nutrition Toffee Isolate

    Chest was the order of the day today. Same format as my last session. I go through stages of absolutely loving the bench press, usually when things are progressing and going well.

    I place great importance on form and have made massive strides this year with both my form and the volume and weight I am producing on this lift.

    I had to take a step back from Keto due to feeling seriously unwell and having a number of issues.

    Progressed up to 3x3 @ 110kg today, changing it up a bit from the last chest session. Belt and wraps this time around, nothing expensive. This is something I am looking at.

    3x3 @ 110kg
    Technogym Incline - 8x2, 1x6, 1x3
    Technogym Press - 8x2, 1x6, 1x3
    Smith M/C bench press - 3x3 - Slow, concentrated movements.
    Fly's for contraction - No weight of note

    Azoth worked extremely well again for me today. The combination of the ingredients combined with the fat burner I trialled, worked like a charm. A DMHA based burner, with added Eria Jarensis.
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  16. Pre - Azoth - 3 caps
    Intra - AD Aminotaur
    Post - SAS Nutrition WPI Isolate

    A few days break because of some other things going on. Straight back into a further bench session. Changed it up slightly to:

    Paused 1 rep work.

    Shockingly I felt as if I was not working hard enough in the last few weeks, blaming it on a lack of sleep or lack of prep (log book) etc. I wasn't sweating! I thought spending more time forcing reps to be under tension may benefit me in getting out of this rut.

    Warmed up with paused reps up to 100kg. Took some time to re check form etc and moved onto 105kg, 107.5, 100kg. Drenched by the end of it.

    I only had a short time due to working day starting earlier than usual. After the bench, I worked on shoulder mobility, before front delt and lateral raises. Extremely light, seem to react positively to this type of work.

    Leg pump up was next. 50 reps, moderate weight, with a three second pause at the top on leg extension, leg curl, abductor and adductor. A very effective, short, session.

    Azoth worked very well. Helped me plan and target my session when travelling to the gym. Took the full dose just after waking and began training around 45 minutes later.

    Excited to pair it with Total Energy from Azoth when it arrives in the next few days.
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  17. Time off the gym for the last four days due to working schedule. Fitting in 45 minutes of CV each morning on my home based spin bike.

    No supplements just plenty water and limited carbs due to lack of training. Feeling good and ready to seriously attack the gym on Wednesday.
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  18. BJJ class last night with a clear focus on taking and keeping control of the back.

    I have a sub only fight next week and as such things are tailing off with my strength work. For the remainder of this week I am focusing on alot more rest pause sets, seeking out that contraction and sweat!!

    Pre - Limitless by Muscle Rage UK
    Intra - AD Aminotaur
    Post - SAS Nutrition WPI

    Quad dominant leg work this morning. As I remarked previously, I am looking for that contraction / pump formthe next short.

    Leg extension - 50 reps
    Leg extension (Plate Load) - 50 reps
    B/W calf raise - 100 reps
    Weighted calf raise - 50 reps

    Lat Pulldown - 50 reps
    Deadlift - 50 reps
    Rack Pulls - 50 reps
    Rope Pulls - 50 reps

    Small ab circuit to finish.

    Sitting at 90kg at the moment and fighting at that weight so it is positive on that front. Will be switching up training in the next week....I haven't quite decided to what yet. I am keen on a Push/Pull arrangement however I think I will spend my downtime in the next week looking at what I am going to do next.
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  19. Small break from the log this week as I have been busy preparing for a Jiu Jitsu match today. Back to logging on Monday with a new program to work on.
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