Jswain34 getting Brainwashed (sponsored log)

  1. Jswain34 getting Brainwashed (sponsored log)

    First off, huge thanks to @Hyde, @Sean1332, and everyone else at CL for letting me test out their new noot, Orange Brainwash.

    I do not log products very often, so please let me know if there is anything in particular that you would like me to specifically review or comment on (to the reps as well as anyone who decides to follow along).

    I will start by reviewing the profile and my thoughts on it at first glance (to the best of my ability - I'm honestly not going to do too much research for this, everyone else is capable of that on their own - I will look up a few things on examine though) and commenting on my thoughts about the profile.


    - Acetyl-L-Carnitine: Examine shows reduction in mental fatigue, general fatigue, and improved concentration - this was at the 2g dose used in Brainwash. This study WAS in patient's with chronic fatigue syndrome. It also shows improved cognition capacity in ELDERLY subjects, but I don't see any studies which were performed in "normal" subjects for this. There is also a study in patients with chronic depressive disorder ("dysthymia") which showed ALCAR being equal in efficacy to a common pharmaceutical antipsychotic drug used for this.

    - Alpha GPC: im assuming they're just using this as their choline source, it's best evidence is for increasing power output which I am also cool with. Choline, from NIH.gov, "is needed to produce acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter for memory, mood, muscle control, and other brain and nervous system functions". Some people get the poops with choline sources (I have had it with choline bitartrate) so ill be keeping an eye on that.

    -Lion's mane: In a study in overweight females, who consumed 2g daily of the whole mushroom, the study showed that Lion's mane "has significant improvements in regards to the parameters of 'anxiety', 'concentration' and 'irritating', as measured by depression/anxiety rating scales relative to placebo. There are also studies showing decreased cognitive decline with aging (study age was 50-80) and decrease in depression.

    -L-theanine: from memory it is shown to "balance out" the stimulatory effects of caffeine and kind of take the "edge off of caffeine" I have a good amount of experience with the caffeine + L-theanine combo and can absolutely tell a difference when it isn't in there.

    -Bacopa (50% bacosides): has been shown by multiple studies to increase working memory with chronic usage (4-6 weeks) in HEALTHY INDIVIDUALS. It has also been shown to have minor anxiolytic effects, mild anti-depressive effects, and a small reduction of "acute forgetting". This would be a good time for me to note that I HAVE BEEN TAKING the Synapse Bacopa since the end of October, 4 weeks before I started PA school. I have stopped the Synapsa for the duration of this log and will essentially be attempting to notice if I can tell any differences between the two. I am a huge fan of this ingredient so i am very happy that it was included in the formula. I have 100% seen a difference in my working memory and processing speed compared to before I started supplementing it.

    -Caffeine: not much to say about this one. It lowers fatigue/increases alertness, increases subjective well-being, and may or may not have a slight positive effect on memory. I will comment that I feel that this is in the range of what I consider to being the perfect amount of caffeine for a noot. I think between 100-150 gives all of the benefits of the "pick me up" that caffeine provides without the jitters or anxiety that higher doses can cause. I also like this amount as I can take Brainwashed when I get home from class (between 4 and 5) and it doesn't necessarily keep me up or affect my sleep in any noticeable way (I typically go to bed around 10 and will be passed out by 1030).

    -SerinAid (yielding 50mg phosphatidylSerine: examine shows a minor boost in cognition, minor decrease in fatigue, minor increase in attention, minor increasing in "processing accuracy" and "processing speed" (although at a higher dosage), minor increase in working memory.
    -Astragin: i'm not really getting any nootropic effects from this off of examine, but it does show that it "Appears to activate T-cells to a degree higher than the reference drug echinacea" which indicates a boost in immunity which would be "depressed" (to what degree I don't know) in a high fatigued, high stressed state.

    Theobromine: not gonna lie I don't know much about this other than it is related to caffeine and from cacao. No idea on the effects.

    Huperzine A 1%: acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, so theoretically provides all the benefits that acetylcholine does as noted above since it inhibits the enzyme that breaks it down at the synapse level.

    I should mentioning that I actually received the product on 1/24 and began taking it on 1/25, I just never got around to getting the log up due to being extremely busy putting this stuff to use while studying for a pharmacology test which I had today. I'll describe my first use in a subsequent post, but I'm glad to finally have this thing up and running.
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    I mean if you really hate your balls, go for it. But, what did they do to you?

  3. Jswain34 getting Brainwashed (sponsored log)

    1st use, 1/25:

    I used 1 scoop with 8 ounces of water (initial directions say 1/2 scoop with 4 ounces but I didnt think that was necessary) as a pick me up on my way back to class from lunch. My first thoughts on the Lemon Frost were that it tasted a heck of a lot like their Electric Lemonade flavor does. I have always been a huuuge fan of lemonade flavored things and the electric frost has always been good in my opinion, so id say they nailed this flavor as well. A little tart like any good lemonade should be but otherwise its just a nice refreshing lemon flavor.

    Rating = 4.5/5 stars just because I dont like giving 5s.

    Initially after shaking it is a bit foamy at top, but this subsides after 2-3 minutes at rest. Another thing I did notice just out of curiosity is that a level scoop is about 1 gram short of the 8g serving size. So you really want to get a nice rounded scoop, but not a heaping one as that is about 9g.

    I had a practical midterm that afternoon which was pretty relaxed. Brainwash provided the pick me up i needed after a relatively boring 3 hour immunology lecture earlier that morning. Although, I was studying for another class in the meantime until it was my turn for the practical and, despite that a lot was going on around me, I really didnt get side tracked at all and was able to maintain my focus on what I was doing rather than everything else going on.

    Edit: ill get some more up tomorrow, I have to get back to studying for another test I have tomorrow morning (on 1/30)
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  6. 1/28 - tested with 20 oz water before a marathon study session: flavor still very enjoyable, doesnt taste TOO watered down, definitely slightly but i still enjoy it. And there is more to drink/enjoy . Ill be mixing with 16-20oz from here on out.

    During the study session I had great focus throughout (despite it lasting roughly 6 hours). I really love the smooth energy and focus that this brings.

    Comments: I also apparently retained a large amount of the information as I did really well on my 80 question pharmacology test which I took yesterday on 1/29.
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  7. 1/29 - took it at lunch before a 4 hour pharmacology lecture after having a pharm test in the morning and an hour long meeting at lunch. At this point I was really tired and just generally drained from putting in hours and hours worth of studying over the weekend for the test in the morning, and I was REALLY dreading having to sit through a 4 hour pharm lecture that afternoon. As I was in my meeting I was drinking Brainwashed, with approximately 18 oz of water, and really couldnt help but think again about how much I enjoy CLs lemon flavoring.

    It definitely helped me not "check out" during the lecture for the first 2 hours or so. I did check out at about the 2.5 hour mark for probably 10 mins but then I regained focus for the last hour and change once she changed drug classes. Had I just drank some coffee or other general stim, I would have been more alert but really honestly dont think I would have been able to be as attentive to the lecture.
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  8. Jswain34 getting Brainwashed (sponsored log)

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    Awesome in on this!
    Welcome guys. Anything you'd particularly like me to comment on or just in for the ride?
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  9. In for the ride. Getting a tub to log as well soon. Sneak peek I guess.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by SkRaw85 View Post
    In for the ride. Getting a tub to log as well soon. Sneak peek I guess.
    Oh cool. Feel free to post up the link in here when you get it going.
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  11. When did you get it? Did it come in mail today?

  12. Sounds good man. Ill post when it arrives.

  13. In for the ride. Waiting on my tub to show up.
    I mean if you really hate your balls, go for it. But, what did they do to you?

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Jm88888 View Post
    When did you get it? Did it come in mail today?
    See last paragraph of the very first post.

    Quote Originally Posted by DemntedCowboy View Post
    In for the ride. Waiting on my tub to show up.
    Nice, feel free to post your link in here too. That way if someone is searching the internet and finds one of our logs they can find more.
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  15. Jswain34 getting Brainwashed (sponsored log)

    Thanks @Hyde for logging opp.
    1. Mixing- with tornado blender mixed well. 10/10
    2. Taste- was expecting a fruit punch flavor but realized it says fruit splash. So that kinda through me off. Mixed with 8 oz of water. Gonna try different amounts of water. 7/10
    3. Energy- clean energy. Zero jitters from this. Going to give 10/10 here, just because of smooth-ness
    4. Focus- never did NOOT before. Felt locked in and calm. Was focused and ready to train after driving for about 3.5 hours. That was impressive! 10/10
    Training- didn’t notice too much, maybe the caffeine helped get me a couple reps here or there. Not going to rate on this category. N/A

    Going to let you guys also know how my fat loss is going, since there is nice amount of ALCAR in this, hoping that will help in the cut cycle.

    Only using it on training days.

    Thanks again!!!
  16. Jswain34 getting Brainwashed (sponsored log)

    I just got all my exam grades back from the three exams that I had last week. I did well on all of them, so I definitely owe some of that to brainwashed since it allowed me to stay focused on what I needed to be focused on for numerous hours at a time. I have still been taking it each day around lunch time...there's nothing really new to report. The acute effects of increased focus, attention span, and energy have persisted. Also, I havent noticed any difference in my processing/recall speed that I noticed an increase in with taking the Synapsa bacopa extract.
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  17. Sorry for the lack of updates in here. I havent been on the forum much over the last 5 days. I dont know exactly how many scoops I have left but id imagine this will be my last week with Brainwashed. I have missed a few doses (the 3 days prior to today) but did use 1 scoop this morning during another marathon study session before my test at 10am. I went to bed from studying at 1130 last night and woke up at 415 for another 5 hours of studying. As I started studying I was sipping brainwashed (...okay, I drank it rather quickly, I needed the caffeine) and about 20 mins later I found myself into my studies and no longer tired or "out of it" (ie: foggy). I was able to continue to study the entire time leading up to my test without my brain turning into complete mush which on 5.75 hours of sleep is really dam good for me. Usually anything below 7 and I am a zombie the next day. I survived the the test and passed (failing is an 83%), so another W for Brainwashed.
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  18. Finished the tub of brainwashed yesterday.

    Effects summary:
    •good, smooth, clean energy
    •increased focus
    •less mental fatigue - you know how sometimes you can take a stim but your brain is still just so fried that it doesnt even help and you still cant focus? I felt that this seemed to help keep that from happening.

    Effects were absolutely more than just caffeine alone. A few times i just drank a standard 1-2 cups of coffee to compare the effects of that (theoretically isolating the caffeine variable from Brain washed) and brain washed. The focus, energy, general sense of well being/motivation, and decreased mental fatigue was definitely more pronounced in BrainWashed than taking the equivalent caffeine dose alone.

    After my short run, id put Brain Washed on par with Focus XT from SNS for just a general "acute study aid" that will give you a little bit extra than just caffeine alone with the choline source, huperzine, and extra focus/attention it seemed to provide. With the addition of the Bacopa this is also a product that, in theory, should get better with time as the effects from Bacopa dont typically appear as profoundly or conclusively in studies until around 4-6 weeks. I have nothing negative to say regarding the effects of this product, and have only good things to say regarding the lemonade flavor - I really enjoyed the flavor from the first glass all the way through the tub to the last serving.

    Once again, thanks to Sean and Hyde for giving me the opportunity to log CLs new product. I hope others find this review/log useful.
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