Hi-tech 1-Testosterone and androdiol stack

  1. Hi-tech 1-Testosterone and androdiol stack

    Just ordered my stack that I am going to start when I get it. Will be stacking 1-testosterone and androdiol. Will be doing 6 week stack. I got eradicate-e and cycle support to take on cycle. After I got clomid and Sup3r PCT. Hoping to get some good gains from it.

    Current stats:

    Weight: 180
    Age: 30
    Body fat: 12%

    Let me know if there is anything I should add or change. I will be logging on here for the duration of the stack.

  2. Sounds good. I will get in on this. As long as you have a serm in pct you're good. Which you have clomid so I'd dose at 50/50/25/25.
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  3. This is gonna be a good one!!!!
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  4. Got everything in. Thinking about dosing the 1-test at 2 pills/day and the androdiol at 2 pills/day also. Let me know if you have any suggestions on dosage.

  5. I started today. I took 1 pill of 1-testosterone and 1 pill of Androdiol this morning and will take the second dose later today.

    Current Weight: 178lbs

    Today was Legs for me. Below is my log from today:

    Squat: 15x135 10x225 8x225 7x225 Drop set: 6x 225 - 6x 185 - 6x135
    Leg Raises: 12x90 12x90 12x90
    Leg Curls: 12x70 12x70 10x80
    Seated Calf Raises:15x90 15x90 15x90
    Standing Calf Raises:15x90 15x90 15x90

    Looking forward to the weeks to come to see how this stack will benefit my strength and intensity in the gym.

  6. What ended up happening? Haha. Finishing the last two weeks of my 8 week cycle with the same stack. Currently on AMS 1/4-andro liquids 360/mg a day.

  7. In for you progress!, I am running High tech superdrol, got about 4 weeks left of a 16 weeks run.


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