First SNS X-Gels run partial log

  1. First SNS X-Gels run partial log

    This is not going to be a daily log, but I will be updating as I go!

    A little background info about me;

    Height-5' 8"
    Starting weight-162lbs

    Current supplements
    Fish oil-stopped during the 50 workout cycle
    Variety of pre workouts

    SNS X gels starting at 1g pre workout, 2tbsp soy lecithin granules, 2g lclt for a 50 workout cycle.

    I will be in a 500 calorie surplus for the whole run which is about 3000 calories.

    I'm 10 days in as I'm making this, but for the first 10 days I was finishing up a powerlifting program and I am now starting a PHAT program.

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    Should've taken better before pictures, but it's too late for that now!

  2. First SNS X-Gels run partial log

    Now for the 10 workout in/ 2 week update.

    I weighed in at 165 this morning, so a 3 pound increase in 2 weeks which seems fine for a 500 calorie surplus. I have actually noticed a significant difference from pictures in two weeks. I thought the hype of ARA might be too good to be true, but so far so good! Name:  IMG_4826.JPG
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  3. Yea buddy! In! Enjoy the gains my brother!
    Black Lion Research Representative

  4. Sweet! In on this. X gels is one of my fav natty products. Great muscle pump and fullness when on it.
    Official Strong Supplement Shop Board Rep
    Join Us In The Pursuit of Strength - Go Strong!

  5. Definitely looking bigger already and don't seem to have gained any fat.

  6. First SNS X-Gels run partial log

    Decided to take advantage of a couple deals and picked up Conqu3r unleashed and Mesomorph.
    Name:  IMG_4867.JPG
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Size:  1.77 MBI've had two lifts with Conqu3r so far and have loved it! Conqu3r is very clumpy though I'm assuming it's the hydro max in there? If anyone has experienced this let me know. Name:  IMG_4868.JPG
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  7. Back to more log.

    I am two days into my Phat training routine. I am doing one based off of Matt Ogus's routine. I also wanted to run through it without days off in between as I had just taken a day off before starting.

    Today's lifts

    Incline dumbbell press super set with pec deck
    Incline Set 1- 65 for 12 reps
    Incline Set 2- 75 for 11 reps
    Incline Set 3- 80 for 10 reps
    Incline Set 4- 80 for 9 rough reps

    Pec Deck Set 1- 90 for 15 reps
    Pec Deck Set 2- 110 for 12 reps
    Pec Deck Set 3- 130 for 9 reps
    Pec Deck Set 4- 130 for 8 reps

    I then did 4 sets of dips at 15 reps+ just body weight as I didn't want to tax my shoulders for my next super Set.

    Second super set was FST-7 static holds(lateral raises) and tricep pushdowns

    Static holds Set 1-4 was the pyramid with 15lb dumbells

    Pushdown Set 1- 70 for 15 reps
    Pushdown Set 2- 90 for 12 reps
    Pushdown Set 3- 100 for 10 reps
    Pushdown Set 4- 100 for 8 reps
    Pushdown Set 5- burnout with 60lbs

    The whole workout felt great between the X gels, higher calories, and new pre workout I feel like my training is going well!

  8. Subb'd

  9. So far I have enjoyed X gels, however, I loathe the taste of soy lecithin. If I run arachadonic acid again, which I probably will, I'm going to run 1.25-1.5g and I'll be using GMS. I can only assume since it's a version of glycerol it'll be chalky, but I would much rather deal with that then these granules.

  10. Subbed- Any updates?


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