Optimum Alpha Epicatechin Log

  1. Optimum Alpha Epicatechin Log

    First a huge THANK YOU @ AlphaCommandr for this logging opportunity. Before I get started, I want to open this log for any constructive comments. I am open for advice!

    Current Profile:
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 195.3lbs (morning weight)
    Age: 33
    Experience: 19 years of training, started in high school when playing football
    Goal: Recomp, would like to increase my muscle mass and decrease my body fat
    Traning: 4-6 days of weights; aiming to include at least three days of cardio immediately after a workout (20min max of HIIT)
    - I don't have a set training plan in terms of sets/reps. I gauge it based on how my body responds. I can go anywhere from 4-26 sets with either low or high reps.
    Nutrition: Aiming to carb cycle; every 3rd or 4th day I will load on carbs. Diet is pretty much on point with the exception of a cheat meal once a week.
    Supplement stack: ABE, multivitamin, fish oil, N-Large3 (post-workout shake...I'm a hardgainer), and PWO as needed. Will update tonight with the first dosage of Epicatechin (2 caps). Stay tuned!

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  5. Sorry for the delayed post.

    10min warm-up on the treadmill

    Day 1 (September 21)
    Leg Presses superset w/leg extensions
    1x15 360lbs and 1x15 80lbs
    1x12 450lbs and 1x12 115lbs
    1x12 540lbs and 1x12 140lbs
    1x8 630lbs and 1x10 165lbs
    1x5 750lbs and 1x8 190lbs (felt good and motivated to do another set. I was surprised I was able to rep this out for a superset)

    Leg Curls
    1x15 90lbs
    1x12 110lbs
    1x10 130lbs
    1x8 160lbs, then immediately dropping the weight to 80lbs and squeezing in 15 reps

    Hack Squats
    1x12 180lbs
    1x10 270 lbs
    1x8 360 lbs, then immediately dropping the weight to 90lbs and squeezing in 15 reps

    10min cool down on the treadmill

    Overall Day: I took two pills of the epi about 45min before the late evening workout on an empty stomach. I didn't come in the gym with a strong desire to be there since it was late and I felt depleted after a long weekend. I surprised myself that I went that intense using heavy weights and including a 5th set on my superset with leg presses/leg extensions. My rest periods between each set was no more than 60 seconds and there were times I felt ready after a 30 second rest. It's only the first day but if this is an indication what epi can bring then wow!

  6. Sorry for the late post as I have been moving. Here is what I have accomplished thus far:

    Tuesday, September 22
    Chest workout
    1x12 135lbs
    1x12 155lbs
    1x10 185lbs
    1x8 225lbs
    1x3 245lbs, dropped set to 1x8 185lbs and then to 1x10 135lbs with continuous tension

    Seated Cable Flyes
    1x20 30lbs
    1x15 40lbs
    1x12 50lbs
    1x12 70, drop set to 1x15 40lbs

    Hammer strength incline press
    1x10 160lbs
    1x8 230lbs
    1x5 320lbs

    Weighted dips w/70lb dumbell

    FST7 body weight push-ups w/wobble board, 30second rest between sets
    12, 12, 12, 10, 10, 8, 8 reps

    Cable pushdown
    1x20 60lbs
    1x15 70lbs
    1x12 80lbs

    Incline Dumbbell Skull Crusher
    1x12 20lbs
    1x10 25lbs
    1x8 35lbs

    At the end of the workout, 15min of HIIT on the treadmill. Felt great with this workout. Felt I could really push myself, hence including one last heavy set with the bench press and completing an FST7 at the end to really get the pump. My rest periods were under a minute which I find to be very impressive especially after doing a high volume. So far I'm liking this! I hope that this continues.

  7. Wednesday, 30min jog with the dog. Allowing my body to recuperate. Felt drained today.

    Thursday, Back
    Hammer strength high row
    1x12 180lbs
    1x10 230lbs
    1x8 270lbs
    1x5 320lbs

    Seated cable rows, close neutral grip
    1x12 180lbs
    1x10 220lbs
    1x5 260lbs

    Bent over rows, overhand grip
    1x12 135lbs
    1x10 155lbs
    1x8 185lbs
    1x6 225lbs

    Pullups, bodyweight

    Dumbbell curls
    1x20 20lbs
    1x15 25lbs
    1x10 35lbs

    Preacher Curls, dumbell
    1x15 25lbs
    1x12 30lbs
    1x12 35lbs
    1x8 40lbs

    Cardio, 10min of HIIT
    Overall feeling has been great. Although I felt sluggish heading to the gym, right after my 10min warmup I felt much better.

  8. Yeah I notice that I go harder towards the end than the beginning on the (-)-epi, sometimes I really surprise myself with what I'm able to do at the end

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    The more I progress, the more I want to progress

  10. I haven't forgotten to log my progress. Just been busy with moving and lack of internet access for my computer (hate using my smartphone to type up my logs). Anyhow, here are my accomplishments since the last post:

    Thursday: Rest day. Had to listen to my body and take the day off.

    Friday: 40min of light cardio (did not take epi)

    Saturday: This was a big day. I felt as if I could lift for the entire day! Did shoulders and see below of my workout:
    Dumbbell press
    1x20 40lbs
    1x15 50lbs
    1x12 60lbs
    1x5 80lbs, rest pause for 15seconds and I was able to hash out another 2 reps!
    1x10 40lbs, continuous tension with all the reps

    Machine lateral raises with a minimum 6 seconds negatives

    Superset: Reverse pec deck with bent over lateral raises
    1x20 70lbs, 1x15 15lbs
    1x20 90lbs, 1x12 20lbs
    1x15 110lbs, 1x12 25lbs
    1x12 140lbs, 1x10 35lbs

    Incline bench lateral raises
    1x25 30lbs
    1x30 25lbs
    1x35 20lbs
    1x37 15lbs
    1x40 10lbs

    I used a lot of partial reps towards the end, even if I could only move the weight a few inches. REALLY felt the muscle working BUT I felt as if I could do much more. I was planning to stop my workout here, but decided to tag another exercise to finish it off.

    Dumbbell front/side raise
    2x10 10lbs (10 front and 10 side)
    1x10 15lbs (10 front and 10 side)

    Loved the workout of this day. Could epi be assisting with the muscle endurance?? By the way, according to the directions, it says to take 1-2 pills prior to a workout. I haven't been taking these on my days off. Should I? Will be providing additional posts later today.

  11. Could epi be assisting with the muscle endurance??

    I would say yes it does.
    The more I progress, the more I want to progress

  12. Sunday, Back workout
    T-Bar Row
    1x20 45lbs
    1x15 90lbs
    1x10 135lbs
    1x6 180lbs, dropped weight and cranked 1x20 45lbs

    Bent over barbell rows, overhand grip
    1x12 135lbs
    1x10 185lbs
    2x5 225lbs

    Seated one arm cable row
    1x10 90lbs
    1x10 100lbs
    1x8 120lbs
    1x5 160lbs

    Pullups, bodyweight

    10min HIIT on the treadmill
    I thought my shoulders would be fried from the previous day's workout. It was a bit sore but nothing like I would have expected it. That just shows how my recovery time has improved!

  13. Monday
    Chest, biceps and calves
    Bench Press
    1x12 135lbs
    1x8 185lbs
    2x4 245lbs

    Peck Deck fly
    1x20 56lbs
    1x15 64lbs
    1x12 71lbs
    1x10 95lbs, drop set to 1x20 56lbs

    Dips with 80lb dumbbell

    Dumbbell curls
    1x15 20lbs
    1x12 25lbs
    1x12 35lbs

    Preacher curls, dumbbell
    1x12 25lbs
    1x10 30lbs
    1x8 40lbs

    Seated straight leg
    6x20 440lbs

    Felt that I needed to change my workout. Went with less sets and reps but still maintained my energy levels.

  14. Has anyone used epi during non-workout days?


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