took my first serving of focus xt, whoa man....

  1. took my first serving of focus xt, whoa man....

    title says it all, got my focus xt in the mail, and thought, hey, lets see what all the hype is about.

    ingredient profile is simple, no finniky ingredients, just proven compounds that work, and they work good.

    took about 30min, normal, but when it kicked in, i was focused, and ready to move.

    it was funny, cause i was on here trying to respond to pm's etc, and i had tunnel like vision.

    taste, well, i got the blue ras, and it taste like blue ras. only thing i would change is to remove the coloring, so it's clear.

    mixed great and went down quick.

    what i didn't have, there was no flushing/tingling, because there is no beta alanine. the last like 5 pre w/o's i've used have contained this, so it was noticable that it wasn't there.

    but it's okay, cause i didn't notice a decrease in my performance ability, (hit legs) had gas all through the leg workout, which was about 1 45min, would of been 2hrs, but had to get ready to go to work.

    this is def good stuff, if you need the energy, focus of a solid pre w/o, or if you got a big test, i'd recomend getting some of this.

    makes me wonder what the new focus xt is gonna be like, i dont see how it could be any better besides taking out the coloring, so it's clear.

    right now we have focus xt 2 for 1 btw.

  2. the only flavor i have tried is the cotton candy. the mixability is great. it woke me up definitely. i bought it for use with studying this semester. the only thing i noticed, and this could be just me...was that i was only able to hit the books for about 30 minutes and then i had to get up and do something for a bit. it wasn't a jittery, shaky, nervous energy, i just couldn't stay seated lol. all in all a good substitute to my morning coffee.

  3. FocusXT is good stuff and love the taste.
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  4. Sounds like something I would be interested in for sure, hate the jittery nervousness I get from some preworkouts.
    PEScience Representative

  5. Quote Originally Posted by LiveToLift View Post
    Sounds like something I would be interested in for sure, hate the jittery nervousness I get from some preworkouts.
    The nootropics with the 200mg caffeine definitely help to mellow it out and prevent jitters if you're more stim tolerant.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative
    All posts are solely the opinion of myself and do not reflect the views of SNS.

  6. no intestinal trouble ?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by nergy
    no intestinal trouble ?
    Not that I know of, but I always have to shiit after I take my pre work out, its the caffeine that does it to me

  8. this stuff stacks well with hemavol.

  9. I was looking at purchasing some but I saw this review on Nutraplanet and it scared me away!,

    Good effects, poor quality control By: David

    Review posted on: Mon May 02 12:03:14 -0500 2011Seemed to have really good effects for me--EXCEPT THAT I'M STILL CRAPPING BLUE THE DAY AFTER MY LAST DOSE.Will no longer give SNS my business; will find a replacement for this product.Thanks NutraPlanet for your return policy, you guys rock!!

  10. well, i dont know if you've ever ate anything with blue dye in it, but sometimes it comes out.

    what does this mean? it means it isn't getting digested or going into your system to be filtered by the liver, so no harm, no foul.

    now, if he was like, i was drinking focus xt, and had uncontrollable diarrhea, couldn't walk without shiit comming out, and it was blue/red, i'd be a bit concerned.

    but my shiit is fine, it's a bit darker than normal, but thats it. now, when I drank dark matter, blue/green poop was like, whoa.

    but again, if it's comming out blue, then it's just passing through, and you aren't absorbing any of the dye, which is a good thing.

    now, I like things to be clear, it just looks cooler to me. but I understand why companies put say, beet juice, or w/e coloring in their flavored products, it helps people to taste it if they see what they think blue raz looks like in their mind.

    anyhow, i really wouldn't worry about it.

    also, this has nothing to do with quality control, david, if he reads this, is an idiot.

    quality control would deal with making sure certain standards of practice are used. they would make sure all the rules are being followed, that it has the number of servings it says, that it is blue, and not brown, that it taste how one would expect it to taste, that the ingredients are used appropiately.

    it has nothing to do with you taking it, and pooping out the dye used in it.


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