American Pure Whey - Mini Reviews

  1. American Pure Whey - Mini Reviews

    Hey Everyone,
    As I am looking for a new "staple" protein source, I have contacted American Pure Whey about getting some samples as a referral of Marc who used to work for ATW. They sent me 7 different flavors so I am going to be posting 7 mini reviews here.

    Please understand that I try everything in multiple different ways because I like to cover all my bases. Sometimes in milk, sometimes in water, sometimes mixed into pudding, sometimes in pancakes, sometimes in cereal, etc etc. if there are any questions you have regarding my comments, please post for me to answer. I will try to be as descriptive as possible because I really do appreciate Abe and all the folks at APW sending these to me.

    Post #1 coming immediately....hello CAKE BATTER.
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  2. Sample #1
    Cake Batter

    Okay so let me start this by saying that 99.9% of the "sweeter" type proteins are not for me. I am a regular ol' choc/straw kinda guy for the most part and rarely do I find the more infrequent and rather extra sweet proteins to my liking. My sweet tooth doesn't come out that often, and I dont even eat cake batter before it hits the oven like a lot of people do.

    I decided to mix my Cake Batter protein with 8oz of Skim Milk and mix by hand with a spoon. The protein mixed well after about 30 seconds of stirring, no floaties or anything of that nature. I was happy to see the Isolate was pure in that fashion. The taste (to me) was too sweet. Knowing i'm not a fan of sweet like that, I really should have mixed this with water instead. What I did though, was way more fun

    I drank about 3oz of that mix and then I tossed the rest in my blender and added 3 ice cubes, 6 pieces of diced pineapple, half a banana, and 2 strawberries and blended. This took down the sweetness significantly and it tasted AWESOME. The profile is very good and it's an isolate whey.

    The only other Cake Batter i've ever tasted was all the whey's version and these two taste pretty similar to me. I think the profile is close too. The edge here though...goes to American Pure Whey . All the Whey's prices have gone up and up and up lately and APW's price point for 2 and 5lber's is better right now. For similar taste and profile with a better price....APW gets my vote on the Cake Batter.

    In a few minutes I will be drinking the Strawberry whey. Since I am just coming off XF's Ultra Peptide 2.0 Strawberry...this will be a nice test for APW. I will drink half with 4oz water and half with 4oz skim.
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  3. American Whey's chocolate is one of my favorites, along with Nutrapro
    Paging Dr. Banner. . .

  4. Quote Originally Posted by OnTheRoadTo View Post
    American Whey's chocolate is one of my favorites, along with Nutrapro
    I have yet to try NutraPro but i've heard real good things. I haven't gotten to the Chocolate American Pure Whey yet....but i'm going to use that one in a few days. Chocolate is kind of my "go-to" for I want to use the others first before taking on the "essential"
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  5. Sample #2
    Chocolate Peanut Butter

    I had fully intended on taking this one with water but when I opened the sample pack, it smelled exactly like Choc PB Myolean Evolution...which is a protein I LOVE, and a protein I take with skim I took this sample with skim. I used about 10oz of ice cold skim and the full sample pack, spoon stirred. Mixed nicely.

    The taste on this one is very very good. I really love the Choc PB by Myogenix, and this one is very close to as good. I dont know that I could give an edge to either product unless I used a full tub of this. Im only 2 samples in and all, but im confident that this may be the one i'll be ordering more of. I really enjoy the taste, its smooth and light but full of flavor. Another isolate with a nice profile and price.

    I didnt use that strawberry sample just yet, so dont think I skipped the update,'s coming.
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  6. Sample #3

    So I took the strawberry tonight (right now actually) after a nice back session with some DL's and some bent rows. I am going to be looking for some recovery tomorrow from this I hope American Pure Whey can deliver

    I have the strawberry in 6oz skim milk and it has a real nice taste to it. A lot of strawberry proteins taste "fake" to me, if that makes any sense. This is a natural tasting strawberry product. I am real pleased!

    Mixability is still awesome, and it's another sample of Isolate so you won't catch me complaining about purity. All in all, another smash hit for American Pure Whey.
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  7. nice reviews...subb'd been thinking of using this product too..but havnt due to the lack of feedback..

  8. Quote Originally Posted by brownchoclit View Post
    nice reviews...subb'd been thinking of using this product too..but havnt due to the lack of feedback..
    Its real nice...I am pleasantly surprised. A buddy of mine gave me a head's up on them and I figured i'd give it a shot..i'm glad I did.
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  9. Sample #4
    Cinna Bun

    So I took this one into work with me and I split it with 2 of my buddies who ive lifted with in the past. One of them ("D") is a BIG boy and he moves some nice weight. I went for chest day with him and watched him go 405x3 for 2 sets. The other (Reg) was a hockey player most of his life and is a smaller guy, but has a lot of strength. Both have a good deal of experience with protein's so I figured why not.

    I do not like cinnamon...anything, haha. Starting with that makes me feel better. That is one of the major reasons I wanted to share this one with others so I didnt just burn it myself and then write a poor review. For me personally, cinna bun won't be a purchase. I mixed it into 8oz cold water, and then split it 3 ways for tasting.

    D said he kind of liked the flavor and since he is lactose intolerant, trying it in water would be the only way for him to find out. He prefers a vanilla or strawberry powder, but he said he thought he'd hate the cinnabun and ended up enjoying it.

    Reg thought that it was too "cinnamon-y". I have to agree with Reg here. Again, I dont care for cinnamon taste in anything anyway....but it was a bit heavy on the cinnamon.
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  10. Sample #5

    I decided to have some fun with this one. I mixed the sample into 2oz of skim milk (as best as it would mix) and I then mixed that into a cup of blueberry greek yogurt. I normally find greek yogurt slightly bitter so occasionally it's almost a chore to eat. The protein made this treat AWESOME. I wish I had more blueberry samples so I could do that again, haha.

    The only downside of doing it like this is i'm not sure how blueberry tastes in water or milk by drinking it....but this was so good, I dont care.
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  11. Sample #6

    Chocolate is the money maker of protein flavors for me. If I enjoy the chocolate, odds are the company gets at least one order from me, haha. I have based at least 85% of my opinions on a protein company by testing their chocolate protein's.

    Sadly, I effed myself on this one. i think I added too much water when mixing. I wanted to add a good amount of water, and I wanted to use water instead of milk because i'm looking for something I can take later in the day to avoid carb bombs. I went with around 10-12oz of water. This was a mistake.

    Even with that much water, the taste was still clean and nice. i was hoping for it to be a bit stronger of a taste, but with that much water, odds are I screwed myself. I think I will still end up ordering this though. With all the other flavors being pretty nice, and with a real nice profile and price, I don't see why I shouldn't.

    ps - the guys from american pure whey gave me a real nice order code that makes the price even better...and they didnt say don't share with with the AM world, so PM me if you want some
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  12. I have read some bad reviews on APW more in terms of their products not matching labels. Did you not find any inconsistencies?

  13. wasnt there some study thing goin around last year where all sorts of proteins were tested for actual protein content and APW was somewhere around 11% of what they claimed onthe label?

  14. I googled the name of the company and quite a large number of complaints, some even regarding the actual protein content in the product.


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