Mitch is getting Jacked and Tan with BBS and Chaparral Labs!! Reps for Subs!

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  1. Mitch is getting Jacked and Tan with BBS!! Reps for Subs!

    Since its summer time, and I'm getting ready for a vacation in about 6 weeks, I've been dieting for about 5 already trying to get to around 9-11% body fat. One thing I hate is going on a caloric deficit, low carbs, and losing strength even though I know its inevitable, so I'm not only getting leaner, but I'm going to be getting a little bit bigger as well. The reason why its the jacked and tan log is because we just installed a tanning booth in our small retail store, so I'm using that thang!

    Here is the arsenal of items I'm going to be using:


    120 Capsules
    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size1Capsule
    Servings Per Container120
    Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
    2a, 3a-Epithio-17a-Methyletioallocholanol *10mg
    * Daily Value not established

    Epi is a powerful compound engineered for explosive lean mass gains while supporting healthy libido and decreased Estrogen through aromatase inhibition.


    Epi= 2 caps morning, 2 caps night
    C-bolic- 1 cap morning, 1 cap with dinner
    Protein/WMS- 2 scoops protein mid day, 2 scoops protein with wms and extra virgin olive oil pre-workout, 2 scoops protein post workout.

    Other supps:
    Living Green Men's Multi Vitamin
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Liver Assist XT (man this stuff has a rank smell to it, but I trust the products these guys make)
    Complete PCT- which will be sent to on Friday!!!!
    ALRI Chain'd Out- got a free tub that I'm working through, plus I have a tub of Lemon Xtend as well.

    Possible supps to come along:
    Better Body Sports Carnivore- we might just get lucky and have this in before the end of my log.

    Motivation for the beginning of this log:

  2. Get er done!

  3. looks good man good luck.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by aflexaholic View Post
    Get er done!
    Thanks Boss, lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by flightposite View Post
    looks good man good luck.
    Appreciate it man, follow this for some serious progress and a good laugh or two.
  5. A little bit of history....

    I've done 3 ph cycles before this one. My very first one was a pheraplex run about 2.5 years ago as I first got started weight training. After that I went back to doing a lot of jiu jitsu, muay thai, wrestling and boxing with some strength training. Now I'm back to just weight training.

    After about 1 year off of everything I decided to run Epivol, which I had great gains from in about november of last year.

    Then in Jan I ran Epi and Phera which was highly potent (great stack) and is highly androgenic, so I did end up with pretty bad breakouts, more chest hair, body acne (which I actually am still getting under control, thats how oily my skin got)

    I chose Epi to run solo as doing a stack would be a bit more than what I want- its summer, time to look good. Since epi is such a lean mass/density builder, this is what I wanted, as I'm running c-bolic to help drop body fat, the AI properties of epi will help with lower back and belly fat as well.

    I'm currently at about 155lbs nekkid, I haven't done a caliper test but I'm starting to get abs right now so I would say I'm close to 14% bf. I'll try to get some starting pictures up before the end of the week.

  6. good luck man, is that your boat?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by panther77 View Post
    good luck man, is that your boat?
    Its the fam's boat, nice ol' Super Air Nautique 211, has fat sacs in it and everything. I suck at boarding, but I just love to be on the water. Plus with a week at Bass Lake and Redinger, I'm going to be loving life in August!

  8. I subbed on bodybuilding but I will sub here too. Hey Mitch!
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by fightbackhxc View Post
    I subbed on bodybuilding but I will sub here too. Hey Mitch!
    Awesome man! Glad you're in on this one too!

  10. I'm in - looking forward to seeing the results.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by CrazyChemist View Post
    I'm in - looking forward to seeing the results.
    Thanks Brotha! So today is Day 3.

    Of course nothing felt yet, which I shouldn't feel anything for about another week. Acne hasn't changed, libido is still the same, and I should be getting to the gym today so I can do some shoulders and bicepts.

    I have a final tomorrow but I just need to hit the gym. I took my c-bolic, epi, 2 scoops of protein already, a small bowl of Raisin Bran (I'm addicted to that stuff, ever since I was a kid) and have been trying to finish getting our tanning bed up and running in the office.

  12. This is what I have been doing, but I've cheated a bit

    Meal 1:
    3 whole eggs/3 egg whites, 1/2 cup oatmeal

    Meal 2:
    Protein Shake (2 scoops, 44 grams protein, 4g carbs, 4 g fat.

    Meal 3:
    Lean meat and almonds

    Meal 4 (pre-workout)
    2 scoops protein, 1 scoop wms with either natty pb or evoo

    Meal 5 (post w/o)
    2 scoops protein

    Meal 6:
    Fish or red meat, veggies

  13. Day 3

    I had a solid workout last night. I went in and did shoulders and biceps. Here's how it went:

    Overhead press:

    Cable lateral raise:

    Bent DB Fly:

    Slightly bent upright raises more for rear delt:

    Pinwheel Curls:

    Concentration Curls
    27.5x7 drop set to 15x9

    Did about 25min LISS cardio and called it a night!

  14. diet and training look good bro

  15. Quote Originally Posted by CrazyChemist View Post
    diet and training look good bro
    Thanks man, one the Epi starts kicking in I'm going to be incorporating a lot more super sets, plus I'm going to start doing cardio 2x a day as well (30 min LISS)

  16. Quote Originally Posted by BettrBdyMitch View Post
    Thanks man, one the Epi starts kicking in I'm going to be incorporating a lot more super sets, plus I'm going to start doing cardio 2x a day as well (30 min LISS)
    Nice. You should get good results.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by CrazyChemist View Post
    Nice. You should get good results.
    I'm sure of it, I will try to get some before pictures this weekend and the rest of my initial workout stats as I'm going to knock out back/tri tonight, chest/abs/calves tomorrow and quads/hams/glute Sunday.

    Had my Political Science final last night, glad its over! Did 85% on questions, just waiting to hear about the essay. I'm stoked to be able to go to the gym tonight for sure! Chest is going to be wrecked for a couple days!

  18. Ok, so I got a B in my Political Science class, so I'm stoked on that, all said and done, I can get back into training.

    My workout schedule was kinda off because of school but I did get in a solid workout on Saturday.

    Back and Tris-

    V-bar pull downs for warm up

    V-bar Chins- 4 sets
    11, 10, 8, 8

    Hammer Strength Rows- 4 sets
    80lbs x 11, 11, 10, 9

    Deadlifts- 4 sets
    225x 12, 12, 11, 11

    Reverse Close Grip Smith Bench
    135 for warmup
    175x 13, 11, 11

    Skull Crushers
    55x 18
    60x 14
    65x 11, 10

    Cable tricep extensions
    45x9, 9, 9, and 8

    Decent workout, had some DOMS from it yesterday, and I'm ready to get back on my normal schedule again.

  19. Ok so last night I started over with my split. This is how it normally goes:

    Monday- Shoulders/Biceps
    Tuesday- Back/Traps/Tricepts
    Thursday- Chest/Abs/Calves
    Saturday- Hams/Quads/Glutes
    Sunday- Off
    I'm going to still be going in for cardio on my off days- it normally looks like this:
    3.5mph @ 7% incline for 30 minutes (achieving about 120bpm the entire time)

    Mondays Workout-
    Smith Overhead Press:
    Used the bar, then 135 for warmup

    Cable Lateral Raise:
    35x10 to drop set of 20x9

    Cable Crossover:
    35x8 to drop set 20x6

    Upright Rows:
    80x12 drop set to 50x7

    EZ Bar Curls-
    Warmup with bar

    Cable Gaspari Curls

    Concentration Curls:

    Cardio for 25 minutes

    Notes: No stength increases yet, vascularity has been improving, definately leaning out.

  20. So last night I couldn't make it to the gym because I had to work a concert for 3rd Eye Blind. (Not my cup of tea) I was posted up by a set of stairs so I passed time by counting how many people almost took a digger going down em and here is my official score keeping:

    Took a digger: 2
    Almost took a digger:22 (including my little brother)
    Boobs that popped out because of a shirt that was way too small for this girl:1
    Cougars that hit on me: 4

    I got my entertainment out of it, but today its back to the gym hard!!!! Back and Tri's today!

    Heres what I'm stoked for in a few weeks:

  21. Late, but subbed!

  22. Yesterdays workout:

    Back and Tri- Medium Volume

    Close V-Grip Seated Rows
    Drop set to 70x20

    Wide Neutral Grip Lat Pull Down
    Drop Set to 70x19

    Cable Rope Lat Pulls Downs (from slightly overhead to waist)
    Drop set to 55x12

    Rack Deads:

    Cable Shrugs:

    Rope Tricep Push Downs
    Drop set to 70x14

    Skull Crushers

    Cable tricep extension (across body, palm inward)
    drop set to 20x12

    20 minutes of cardio- 9% incline 3.3mph about 130bpm.

    My lats were burning yesterday, lower back is tight today but feels good.

    I'm up a couple pounds to about 158 (possible from glycogen retention)
    I'm a little leaner
    No side effects such as acne or anything, but I did start mega dosing b-5 to prevent this as well.

  23. Triceps are looking strong!
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  24. Quote Originally Posted by fightbackhxc View Post
    Triceps are looking strong!
    Thanks brah!
    I've always done pretty well strength wise with my triceps, but they take forever to friggin grow. I was happy with my weights considering I've been on a caloric deficit for 6 weeks already.

  25. Good **** mang. I think I'm going to steal your back/tri workout, looks solid!

    Keep it up. But forget the numbers, how is the tan coming along? haha



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