What are the Pro's and Con's of Testofen?

  1. What are the Pro's and Con's of Testofen?

    There's not a lot a literature on testofen. So I was wondering what you guy's thought about it. Any feed back is welcome.

  2. I'm thinking about giving Testofen a try. Primordial Performance: Phyto Testosterone seems like a neat product... As it contains the Testofen (50% Fenusides), not the regular fenugreek. Also, it has the methoxy isoflavones which should support the supplement well as it is a pretty nice dose. I'll be sure to let everone know how Phyto-Testosterone works, I won't be ordering it for a couple more weeks. I'll be using it as a stand alone product while my body takes a rest from 6-bromo and Divanil. I'm a big fan of 50% herbal extracts.

    Here's some info by the Testofen creater:


    Fenugreek Seed

    Fenugreek is a well-known herb, containing a variety of compounds as active ingredients. It is an extremely versatile herb with multiple applications. This amazing herb is said to contain more than a 100 phytochemical constituents. Amongst them are a lot of Furostanol Saponins and Steroidal Saponins.

    Modern day life with its high levels of pressure, stress and pollution, saps the energy and vitality in our bodies. The first victim in our bodies seems inevitably to be Testosterone levels. Ageing, along with pressures and stress, reduces our body's capacity to produce Testosterone, leading to lowering of libido. Immune functions of the body also get affected.

    Testofen is a natural solution for promoting Testosterone levels and healthy libido and immune functions.

    Fenugreek contains Protodioscin, Pseudo Protodioscin, Gracillin, Protogracillin, Diosgenin, Dioscin and many other saponins and sapogenins. Many of these other saponins are not identified yet.

    There is a huge amount of history, studies and references which have shown without doubt that in addition to qualities like healthy sugar support, lipid support, lactation support etc., Fenugreek also promotes healthy libido and testosterone functions. The libido function happens both for women and men and is well recorded.

    A lot of these saponins exist as saponin glycosides. Fenuside is a set of potent saponin glycosides unique to us which we have standardised, to give maximum benefits to users. We have done repeated studies and confirmed it's libido promoting properties. In addition to Testosterone support, it also acts like Testosterone by binding to the Testosterone receptor sites and creating Testosterone like activity. So it's activity is two fold. Testosterone is not just like turning on a tap wherein you fill as much of Testosterone as you want. The body has a balancing mechanism and each human body has it's own threshold for basal Testosterone levels. Testofen™ helps promote healthy Testosterone levels. In addition it acts like Testosterone and promotes libido and muscle mass.

    Testofen™ has shown remarkable results in rat studies, showing intracarvenous pressure increase leading to healthy erectile functions.

    Testofen™ has demonstrated exc ellen t results in animal studies for promoting healthy testosterone and Libido and Muscle Mass.

    Testofen™ has demonstrated the following in a double blind, randomised, placebo controlled human clinical study of 60 subjects

    Promoted healthy free Testosterone levels in the active group of subjects by 98%

    Promoted healthy muscle mass

    Helped regulate BUN [ Blood Urea Nitrogen ] levels in the active group of participants, signifying regulation in protein catabolism

    Gencor's Testofen™ has shown remarkable results in rat studies, showing intracarvenous pressure increase leading to excellent erectile functions. Testofen™ has also demonstrated excellent results in animal studies for testosterone Boosting, Libido Enhancement and Muscle Mass Enhancement.

    Testofen™ Animal Study: Testosterone Level

    I can't post the charts on the animal study... check out the link.

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