S4 with MK-677 Nutribol Bulk

  1. S4 with MK-677 Nutribol Bulk

    Hey All,

    Iíve just been off a prep cycle and I had great success with SARMS getting down to low fat % and keeping mass. Now I am in the early stages of a Bulk and I am taking Nutribol. Iíve been on it for 7 days.

    Aside from the insane hunger from the ghrelin production, and the water weight, I feel like Iím re-comping in the wrong direction. I have gained crazy weight (20 lbs in 3-4 weeks) and Iím feeling like Iím gaining too fast. My calories are about 300+ maintenance but Iím training 5 days per week and 30 min interval cardio on training days.

    My question is: Do you think running S4 (or any SARMS for that matter) can assist with keeping my bulk cleaner?

    Or if anyone has experience with Nutribol (MK-677), is this just water weight that I will drop? Also: does the hunger dissipate?

    Thanks all

  2. I'm actually researching with both these compounds at the moment.

    Have been running the MK for about a week and a half and I too gained about 5lbs in water weight so far (happens every time I run it).

    I incorporated the S4 on the basis of obtaining mild gains at the cost of an even milder suppression. Hopefully, I can negate some of the MK-677 bloat in the process due to S4s dry, hard anabolic nature and its ability to help burn fat.

    I assume that the combo can produce quite an efficient recomp; it's my first time using this duo so fingers crossed. I know many say that Ostarine and LGD are the "go tos" for lean mass building but in my experience, S4 ran at a dose of 75-100mg not only leaned me the **** out, but I gained about 6 pounds in an 8-week run while pretty much cutting my fat in half.

    It's seriously a toss up though on which effects will be negated though, the bloat can be so real on 677 that maybe S4 can't even combat it.

    We will see. I'll keep you updated.

  3. RG
    Thanks for the input. Sounds like youíre running the same as me.
    I had great luck with Ostarine and S4. I think Iím going to run S4 along side the MK-677 for the next 2 weeks and see if I can combat the water gain with some recomp.

    I weigh in tomorrow and Iím pretty sure my weight will be up bigtime.

    Stay tuned also and good luck with the progress.

  4. For bulk i would use LGD-4033 or ostarine with MK-677.
    S4 is more beneficial during a cut than bulk but any sarm or androgen work during bulking.

    If you want to keep fat gain to a minimum ostarine and mk677 is you best bet.
    If you want to add more mass LGD-4033 and mk-677 is you best bet.

    Ostarine = bulk, cut and recomp.
    LGD = bulk, recomp.
    S4 = Cut
    Mk-677 work with anything unless a little waterweight does not bother you.

  5. @Adamjames Any updates?
    Walking the long road.

  6. So where did you get LGD-4033 and MK-677?

  7. any sides at all with this compounds?

  8. I am on 677 as well, and you definitely put on a lot of water weight. No real sides as such, besides some numbness in the limbs for some time during the day.

  9. I am Pro Sarms but with S4, why chance ****ing with your eyes.....never understood that.....
    Muscle Research Code AM10 www.mrsupps.com
    Nutrex Nutrition Rep

  10. Quote Originally Posted by double s View Post
    I am Pro Sarms but with S4, why chance ****ing with your eyes.....never understood that.....
    It's not a permanent effect.

  11. go 5 on and 2 off that worked for me

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Newth View Post
    @Adamjames Any updates?
    Quite a bit of update actually. The Nutribol was pretty much unstoppable! My GH went through the roof and in turn so did my water weight. There is really nothing I could do about it other than clean up my diet drastically, but letís face it - I was on off season and I eat differently than on prep.

    I never gained much lean mass, mostly water. But the extra GH made me sleep amazing(sometimes lucid). Shortly after I went through about 7 months of HGH. Riptropin mostly. In hindsight it would probably better to stay on it longer, but HGH is a fortune! And honestly, I was constantly tired. Fighting naps each day and waking up at 3am to pin. HGH is great for the anti aging effects, however if youíre looking for extra HGH, just use nutribol as itís much cheaper.

    If I were to do nutribol over again I would have stacked it with RAD140. I am coming off a test based cycle right now and apparently itís the best way to get rid of moonface, and keep your gains while being on PCT . alongside HCG and clomid of course.


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