SHR 1180 - Orally Consumed Myers Cocktail as Good as IV

  1. SHR 1180 - Orally Consumed Myers Cocktail as Good as IV

    While this is probably true the idea that nothing equals nothing is equally true.

    A quick search of Myer's Cocktail with fraud/scam or a look through pubmed gives us a pretty good idea of the efficacy of a Myer's Cocktail.

    While mega-dosing vitamin C works pretty well for psychotics in combination with Haloperidol you will be hard pressed to find a valid study that supports the use of mega-dosing of Vitamin C for any health purpose despite the claims of the "I will cure your terminal Cancer if you give me all your money" charlatans. Vitamin C is water soluble and it is fairly well known where the extra vitamin C goes for those of us who have stood over the toilet after this experiment.

    If dietary Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium are less than the RDA's then these could very well be used to reduce systolic blood pressure. Not a bad thing for the hypertensive BUT more is not better and a decent diet gets you to the RDA levels fairly easily even in a mildly calorie restricted diet if you are eating real food.

    Following up by saying that a supplement that can be purchased on the site is as good as a Myer's cocktail is probably not particuarily astute.

    This is not to say that the supplement being sold is not helpful in terms of being a supplement IF the individual using the supplement has an inadequate diet BUT the better suggestion is likely improved food choices rather than Dr. Feelgood's magic elixir.

  2. I think the Altrient products work really well.

    I have allot of respect for Carl. But, I gotta say; when Carl started pushing the Age Force stuff, something in me that trusted most of his opinions went away.

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