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  1. how about Romo. i am reading his book. should have good advice and stories

  2. I was thinking about the potential of natural pro hormones as health promoting products then wondered why the pharmaceutical industry would'nt pick them up and thought it might make a good show

  3. i got a show idea perhaps bring sen hatch on the show the man behind the dshea on the show with all the crazy ness going on in the supplment world it would be a good show

  4. Would love to see Charles Poliquin come on and talk about Exactly what he does to get his client to lose body fat and gain muscle at the same time

    Also Martin Berkhan from "" he seems to be very well educated in intermittent fasting and fat loss/muscle growth and if you look at his client page the results speak for them selves

  5. Big fan. I think a show devoted to keto would be cool. Also, for anti-aging, look up Aubrey de Grey. He would be a great guest speaker.

  6. In my feverish sprint to listen to ALL past episodes I've found the following guests to be the most informative/entertaining and just can't hear enough from them:

    Dr. Peter Rouse, Dr. Michael Smith, Brooks Kubik, Dr. Mauro DiPasquale, Prof. Dr. Andro, Mike Mahler, PJ Braun
    Randy Roach, Eric Potratz, Ori Hofmekler, Anthony Roberts, Dr. John Crisler, Joshua Trentine, Chris Mason, Dr. Loren Cordain

    One hit wonders: Layne Norton, Dan John, Robb Wolf, Dr. William Wong (these guys are all overdue for a return, IMO)

    Don't fear having all these guys on again Carl, I'm sure they're all smart enough to provide fresh information. Thanks for hosting this great show.
  7. Next Super Human Radio Guest

    It would be great to get Dave Pulcinella back on the show just to hear what's going on with the Raising the Bar series, and if there have been any modifications to the 6 foods that work.

    Another idol of mine is Ross Enamait from, This ex boxer has posted numerous videos on youtube about how you can create your own strength training facility using inexpensive materials found at your the hardware store. An Extremely intelligent and dedicated individual who has re-written the rule book in home strength training.

    Paul J

  8. Alot of good suggestions on here!!!

    However i dont think Carl is to "Active" in reading all our recommendations

  9. A show including HRT for women would be an added benefit to the SHR cataloge. We all hear the benefits, effects and hormone design and dosage for men. It would be interesting to get the same for females.

  10. I want a radio show on how to keep your renal system healthy and if we should have any concerens as far as bodybuilding goes intaking so much protein and other dietary supplements.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions | Online Representative
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  11. Good topic suggestion.

    Superhuman radio is like a commercial projection of all of my thoughts and theories about nutrition and exercise. I cant believe I didnt know about this until 2011. I will listen to all the back episodes that I possibly can. Debunks SO many rhetorical premises that are harped on and preached in undergrad exercise and health courses and in the media. I love that every guest is a proponent of evidence based peer reviewed research.

    Every episode is extremely enlightening and my only suggestion is to keep this **** going Carl.
    Suffer now.. and live like a champion later.

  12. Oh and play some metal in between commercials! Pop dance garbage doesnt really accent the show too well
    Suffer now.. and live like a champion later.

  13. Id like to hear some expert opinions on male pattern baldness and the best way to combat it or at least deal with it besides shaving the head. I have thinning hair and i tried propecia and ALL my hair grew back thick within a year.. only thing was some impotency side effects- enough to make me kick the stuff to the curb. I would LOVE to have thick hair again but I just dont wanna deal with those sides. Please run a show on the latest research and alternative ways to get my mane back!
    Suffer now.. and live like a champion later.

  14. Hormone replacement and dealing with ignorant doc's who are otherwise good.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by jeffh3c View Post
    Hormone replacement and dealing with ignorant doc's who are otherwise good.
    sounds like the show they did yesterday
    Suffer now.. and live like a champion later.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by bezoe View Post
    sounds like the show they did yesterday
    Listening to it now. Thanks!

  17. How about a show with Dr Squat or someone flom EliteFts.

  18. I was listen to an old show of yours on melatonin and wondering if u could do another show on it

  19. *
    Preliminary Study of the Vasorelaxant Effects of (+)-Nantenine, an Alkaloid Isolated from Platycapnos spicata, in Rat Aorta
    Francisco*Orallo, Alejandro*Fdez.*Alzueta
    Departamento de Farmacología, Facultad de Farmacia, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Spain

    In this work, the potential vasorelaxant activity of (+)-nantenine, an alkaloid isolated from Platycapnos spicata, was studied for the first time in rat aorta. (+)-Nantenine (3 - 30 μM) totally relaxed, in a concentration-dependent manner and with almost equal effectiveness, the contractions induced by noradrenaline (NA) or by a high KCl concentration (60 mM) in intact rat aortic rings. Mechanical removal of endothelium and/or pretreatment of aorta rings with glibenclamide (10 μM) or tetraethylammonium (TEA, 2 mM) did not significantly modify the vasorelaxant effects of this aporphine alkaloid. In the experiments in Ca2+-free medium, (+)-nantenine (10 μM) had no effect on caffeine-induced contractions. Furthermore, in the studies with radiolabelled Ca2+, (+)-nantenine (3 - 30 μM) did not modify the basal uptake of 45Ca2+ but decreased, in a concentration-dependent fashion, the influx of 45Ca2+ induced by NA and KCl in endothelium-containing and endothelium-denuded rat aortic rings. In addition, (+)-nantenine (3 - 30 μM) was ineffective to scavenge superoxide anion (O2-) radicals generated by the hypoxanthine (HX)-xanthine oxidase (XO) system and/or to inhibit XO activity. These results indicate that: a) the vasorelaxant effects of (+)-nantenine in rat aorta are due, at least in part, to a blockage of Ca2+ influx through transmembrane calcium channels, b) the activation of ATP-sensitive K+ channels (KATP) and large conductance Ca2+-activated K+ channels (KCa) present in smooth muscle cells, the presence (integrity) of endothelial system, an inhibitory action on XO enzymatic activity and/or O2- radicals scavenging properties are not involved in the vascular effects of (+)-nantenine in rat aorta described above. Just an interesting article I came across Thought a show about this compound or similar compounds might make a good show

  20. Ric Drasin would be a win win.

  21. Hey Carl,

    I've been training my girlfriend more and more, and I liked the show you had with Alicia Fong on womens training strategies.
    I would love to hear more from pro bikini chicks, or pro fitness girls, and learn more about their training first-hand.

    Also, you used to have Matt Cahill as the supplement guru a while back. Now he's with DS sports, and there was that independent study on activate xtreme:

    Clin Chim Acta. 2011 Oct 9;412(21-22):1999-2001. Epub 2011 Jul 12.
    A novel case of a raised testosterone and LH in a young man.
    McDonald TJ, Perry MH, Jones AG, Donohoe M, Salzmann MB, O'Connor J.

    Clinical Chemistry, Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust, Exeter, UK.

    A 19 year old male attended his GP with a history of "fluid retention", lack of libido and erectile dysfunction. He was found to have a high serum testosterone, and a raised luteinising hormone. After further investigations, the patient admitted to taking a supplement called ActivaTe Xtreme, obtained from an internet source, to address his low libido. ActivaTe Xtreme contains active ingredients which increase serum testosterone levels by several independent mechanisms that are not associated with luteinising hormone suppression. Urine analyses for synthetic anabolic steroids were negative, and urinary testosterone, epitestosterone and other androgens were normal. This biochemical pattern is not the same as that seen with anabolic steroids (i.e. raised testosterone, suppressed luteinising hormone and abnormal urine steroid profile). The issue of self medication with performance enhancing compounds needs to be carefully considered in order to avoid expensive and invasive investigations, missing an underlying pathology or misdiagnosing a patient. This case also raises the spectre of yet another "performance enhancing" product that may cause difficulty for those trying to ensure that sport remains on a "hormonally" equal basis.

    Copyright © 2011. Published by Elsevier B.V.

    [PubMed - in process]

    Also they're finally getting around to releasing their new preworkout, which has been in the works for at least a year. I think it would be great to have him on.
    I'd like to know more about the 'latest & greatest' supplements hitting the market (like ursolic acid from PA). Let's hear what's new and what's hot, that kinda stuff.

  22. Hey Carl, I mentioned it on your Facebook page, but I think eating Paleo and working out on a budget would be a great idea for a show. Also supplements on a budget

  23. I would be very interested in listening to a show on the benefits Hydrogen Peroxide therapy.
  24. James Levine from the Mayo Clinic

    Important researcher in the new field of inactivity studies. They can studied the effects of sitting and it ain't good.

  25. hello carl.. i would very very interested on a show about bodybuilders adn non alchocholic fatty liver...i was resently diagnosed with this condition

    though i m far from fat ( prety lean actually) and leading the bodybuilding lifestyle with ntrition and exercise..i have used AAS fpor the past 3 years moderately hypatologist doesnt give an extract answer for what might caused this..he gave e the green light to eat as much protein as i want but keep an eye on sugars and oo many carbs.keeping my healthy fats high..
    so a show about this condition . nutrition whith this condition? what macros? and what about AAS? what compounds would be safe to use and how much? in what duration? what about ancilaries?


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