Trying To Cut Up

  1. Trying To Cut Up

    im 24 yrs old, and i have been lifting since about the 8th grade, im 6'5 270 with 15% BF(caliper), my goal is to keep my weight, possibly take it down to 260 and lower my bodyfat to around 10-12% eventually by the end of the summer

    i am thinking of running this cycle, any thoughts or suggestions

    week 1-7:11 oxo(9 caps a day)
    week:1-4: propadrol 60/90/90/120
    week 4-7: havoc 20/30/30/40

    on cycle
    AI Cycle support
    fish oil
    flax oil
    animal pak

    post cycle therapy:
    animal pump
    same as on cylce

    hows it look?

  2. cycle experience?

  3. ive run winztrol and o.t and i have furazadrol standalone

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