Where to buy post cycle supplies now that LR has bad rep?

  1. Where to buy post cycle supplies now that LR has bad rep?

    Where are you guys getting good service/price from? Need 50ml of liquid clomid in a week or so?

  2. sciensupply (just click the banner up top) or pumpnpose.

  3. Why is their price so high? $60 bucks is a little higher than I thought. The way people were talking I could get 50ml for $25.00.

  4. Thanks Bro!

  5. bump

    BUMP!!!!   for  liqua-solutions

  6. I thought LS and LR were the same company.

  7. not as far as know

  8. I had excellent experience with cyber-solutionz.com. Ordered Nolva on a thurs, received it on mon. Excellent customer service as well

  9. it seems as though anabolicsupport supports liquachem.com

    i like the fact that they have a forum dedicated to just the store. as AM.com has it for theirs.

  10. liquachem is who I use.

  11. cyber-solutionz.com is a little pricey.

  12. nah, not really....

    their prices for tamoxifen were right on with everyones, with the exception of liquachem. Cyber-solutionz gives a higher concentration of product at 40 ml of 30mg/ml of tamoxifen for $60. liquachem is really the only one i found to be cheaper at 50ml of 20mg/ml. (less product but still a bit cheaper)

  13. clomid is high $65 for 1,500 mg. liqua-solutions gives you 2,500mg for $25. thats 50ml at 50mg/ml.

  14. LR has a bad rep...?
    this is new to me..................explain please or examples?

  15. LR problems
    read and you make the call.

  16. well it looks to me like everyone is jumping the gun on that thread. Im over seas it took about 3 1/2 weeksto get here. Very clever shipping, fooled the **** out of me. Better to purchase everthing in advance so your not worried on if it will get there in 3-5 days. People have to understand that mail is pretty packed right now and especially during the holiday.
    Be patiant bros.

  17. I got mine today. I ordered on the 29th. emailed them on the 5th and still never got a response. Since it was shipped 3 day fedex that means they could have just shipped after I emailed about discounts or the fre products there website talks about.
    Another thing was the the lady that filled out the shipping label didnt apply any presure and the freaking Fedex went to almost every house in the neighborhood trying to find someone wiht my intials because thats all he could make out. street name,zip code and intials. But its here. Holidays did play there part but still a response from my email would have been nice.


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