When to start 6-OXO after 4wk T-1Pro?

  1. When to start 6-OXO after 4wk T-1Pro?

    Hi PH gurus,

    I'm on a 4wk cycle of T-1Pro (4mL extreme dose).
    At what week can I start my 6-oxo? I only bought 1 bottle (60caps).
    Will this be enough? or should I buy another bottle?

    Do you also guys recommend ZMA along with Tribulus and 6-OXO (all in one!)

  2. forget the zma and trib. get your two bottles of 6oxo and run that til its end. start the post cycle supp, the final 2-3 days of your transdermal cycle for easy transition to getting your natural testosterone produciton back. best method

  3. I would say start it 2-3 days after cause there is no reason to do it while on. Your test levels are still very high for a couple days after.. But thats just my thoughts.. TTY
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