help decide for next cycle

  1. Question help decide for next cycle

    I can't decide what I'm going to do next. Here's the scenario:

    I've recently moved into a new apartment with a YMCA right across the street; tons more equipment than I had in my parents garage.

    I'm going to get to 160-165 natty before I do anything; I've gained 7lbs in 3 weeks after my off period of 4-5 weeks. I'm around 157-160 right now.

    I've got a source for Test Enth now at 200mg/ml Medical grade as a prescription. This will be my base.

    But I can't decide on what else to use. Should I run a bigger dosage of Fina at 75mg/ml? Or run injectable 1-test provided by Dazed? Or run something like T1 Final with 4 squirts a day?

  2. are you saying the test enth is gauranteed in cycle...if so, id go with fina 75mg/day that you mentioned.

    there are no reviews i've found on dazed 1test, so personally i'd wait till reviews come out, u dont wanna be a guinea pig for all of us. as for t1final, you can take it, but why take test and 4ad...? why not take test and 1test?

    test/4ad will give you mad bloat.

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