cycle 90% figured out (T-1 PRO) plz help

  1. Unhappy cycle 90% figured out (T-1 PRO) plz help

    i currently have T1-Pro , liquid clen and liquid Nolva (for post cycle). I am trying to loose as much BF as possible while preserving my current muscle mass. I am 26% BF right now with a body weight of 165. i am doing a Keto diet at about 1600 calories a day. i want to add an AS to this cycle but not sure which one. i was thinking about either winstrol or primobolan as i dont want any aromatizing AS's and i wont be gaining mass anyway so test and eq are out of the question(that is for after i loose my fat). i will be doing heavy dosing of the T-1 pro bc i am currently using trenabol-x and i have noticed no results from it yet doing 10ml a day. And BTW i am starting to loose my hair naturally - so no AS with high risk of losing hair which i think winstrol is. My daily supps are multi vitamin 2x a day(ast 32x), uniliver 4 caps with each meal, hydroxadrine 3 pills 2x a day, Tons of flax oil all day, and ALA. my plan is to run clen 2 weeks - hydroxadrine 2 weeks - clen 2 weeks. the T1-Pro for 6 weeks at heavy dosing and an AS for 6 weeks. Nolva post cycle at either 20 or 40 ml a day. Can anyone help?

  2. I'd put down the clen/ph's until you are able to drop bf and add more muscle naturally. I think clen is only effective at lower bf(? notsure). At 165lbs and 26% I think you could lose alot of weight and gain some muscle easily w/o the drugs/ph's. Save those for later imo

  3. I wouldn't bother with a cycle of any sort, maybe run clen or anyother fat loss drug for that matter and lose asmuch fat as possible. At 26% bf and only 165lbs the last thing i'd be worried about is muscle loss. Are you sure you're that high? Did you measure yourself or have some one do it for you?

  4. i dont understand how i am at those numbers. i got a digital fat caliper and it says i am at 26% BF. i just dont believe it tho bc when i started i was 180 pounds and 28% BF 5 weeks ago. i definitely lost weigt bc i went down a pants size. but the thing is all my muscles have grown - people have been telling me i look good. i have also increased the weight i use every workout. the only place i really have fat is the tire around my stomach. if i do the math it would seem i am only 120 pounds of LBM - i just think that is impossible. maybee my caliper is messed up. i used to be a stick when i was younger - quit BB 9 years ago when i met my wife. in 11th grade of high school when i quit i was 120 total body weight and could bench 235 for 3 good reps. my body looks much the same except my tire.

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