1. Accutane

    Help me I have pretty bad cystic acne. Would 25mgs daily be good?

  2. Go see a dermatologist...

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Delboss731 View Post
    Help me I have pretty bad cystic acne. Would 25mgs daily be good?
    Google Accutane. You will find out itís one of the most dangerous pharmaceuticals out there.

    Try this: Wash the acne area with Dawn dishwashing soap to remove the oils. Dry then apply Betadine iodine solution with a cotton ball. See if that helps dry it out.
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  4. Second vote for seeing a Dermatologist.
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  5. U should see a derm for sure.
    I have mild acne vulgaris , tried everything under the sun but the only results were super oily skin, flaking and redness from everything prescribed.
    I tried accutane at 20mg a day for a year and a half and it worked wonders, I also know of a guy with cystic acne that also used it and his skin is near flawless now.
    It does have side effects tho, but in my case it was a miracle

  6. Wow thank you so much guys!


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