Test Flu? Please Advise.

  1. Test Flu? Please Advise.

    Well boy oh boy, talk about a complete 180. I felt incredible on Monday, and today I lay bed ridden all day with zero appetite, no energy, and just feel like I cannot seem to get warm no matter what, and am WAY too sensitive to cold weather. Is this the infamous Test Flu?

    250mg Test C Monday/Thursday split. Today marks the end of the second week. It's really getting in the way of just everything, so if somebody can tell me what's going on and how to overcome this over the weekend if possible, I'll be very thankful.

  2. If it last more than 3 days it aint test flu. Just saying
    I mean if you really hate your balls, go for it. But, what did they do to you?

  3. All you’re taking is Test and this is happening? What is your estrogen like, any bloods ever?

  4. Getting cold is not getting sick. When you'll get shivers (fever) you are actually sick. Test flue is normally sore throat and more of a cold. Are you taking an ai? If so, did you start the ai before the rest kicked in? That could be your answer to lack of energry.

  5. You probably have the actual flu

  6. Quote Originally Posted by uprightrows View Post
    You probably have the actual flu
    I'd venture to say that it is the actual flu, too.

  7. It's really easy to tell, there's a reagent based test your Dr can give you that will let you know in about 10 minutes if you have the real flu, might want to do that before you mess with your hormones or AI

  8. Do you have a fever?


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