Trying to Understand Methylstenbolone more clearly

  1. Trying to Understand Methylstenbolone more clearly

    I have read way too many claims on how toxic methylstenbolone is and how bad it will destroy lipids, and spike blood pressure really bad. I have had a bottle of stenabol laying around and I am at a point now where I'd like to run it. I was planning on running it at 20mg / day along with Arm1care Pro. As for pct, I am TRT, on test-cyp weekly so not worried about it however, I have serms and AIs on hand..
    My real point in this post is to find some more information or anecdotes on the side effects / gains of methylstenbolone solo cycles and hopefully to get some links / sources so I can understand this compound a little more in depth. It can be hard to weed through marketing and true information. Thanks in advance!

  2. Good question, props on doing your homework man. Everything Ive read and seen personally leads me to believe it's not as hepatoxic as the compound it orginated from (superdrol). But, I'm yet to see before/after bloodwork on an msten only cycle, so obviously theres alot of things that could be going wrong below the surface. Other side effects I've observed from close friends who used it were about par for the course, elevated bp, lethargy, loss of appetite, etc. Ive only had approx 4 friends run into actual toxicity issues on msten, but they were using a premade msten/dmz combo from a well known company, so who knows.

  3. Run it at 12-14mg ed for 6 weeks for an easy cycle.

  4. Thanks for the input man. when the time comes and I do run the cycle of Msten, I will post before and after blood work and highlight any negative elevations in any of the parameters. I will focus heavy on liver as well as I'll get before, during, and after labs done just to be thorough since I can't seem to find anything like that on this compound yet.

    Hopefully some more experienced people chime in between now and then. I can't help but feel that it isn't all that bad and probably nothing to worry about during a modest cycle like 20mg / day for 4 weeks while using Himalaya liver care and Arm1care Pro alongside as well as all regular staple supps.

  5. "Run it at 12-14mg ed for 6 weeks for an easy cycle."

    The Stenabol I have come in 5mg capsules.

  6. I'm with you on the research it's all over the place and some people love and some don't. I'm going with it's probably not as bad as some say and probably not as strong either unfortunately. I'm starting a cycle in about a week and a half. I'll get blood work done after, I haven't cycled in a year so I'm level for now.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by pcav89 View Post
    "Run it at 12-14mg ed for 6 weeks for an easy cycle."

    The Stenabol I have come in 5mg capsules.
    15mg then.

  8. Is there any reason to start it low and increase later? I've seen a few people starting at 20mg / day and running that for 4 weeks. At the same time I see just as many people starring at 10 mg , or even low as 5mg. Also some logs with good results include 4 week cycles that never go above 16 mgs (impossible with my 5mg caps). It seems like 5mg Msten for even a week is just a waste of money, time, and liver toxicity lol. Would anyone agree?
    Should I just start with 20mg or would starting at 10mg for 1 week, 15mg for week 2, and 20mg for weeks 3 and 4 be Good? I can't tell what is actually worth it and if going lower is even safer in an amount that makes it worth lowering the dose. Msten has some seriously contradicting info all over the place!

  9. Don't ask a bunch of stupid questions.

    If your worried about sides, like was implied, run at 10-15mg for 6 weeks. Pretty much zero sides from that.

    Don't care about sides an can man up, run at 20-30 mg for 4-5 weeks.

    Simple Jesus.

  10. Jbryand101b..
    You have been completely useless here. I don't even know why you are posting in this thread. Others have been interested to get some info on Msten only cycles and what ppl had to say about them with actual information.
    You come on with "run it at 12-14mg ed for 6 weeks for an easy cycle " when I hadn't asked what I should run it at. In fact I had said I would be running it at 20mg and I'm not worried and it has no sense of "manning up" or not, lol.. you're a joke.

    It's important to myself and to others to get more clear information on specific compounds whenever possible and I was hoping to gain some insight from user who have something real to say about Msten specifically. Your weak attempt to be heard and insult me is really pointless and I'd appreciate you keeping your thoughts to yourself you ass.

  11. Methyl sten came out in the 60s my searle labs why don't you look for those actual studies if you want something concrete

  12. Thanks for the input man. I'm going to work on getting weekly blood work on cholesterol, liver values, bp, e2, etc. During the cc so that I can provide a 4 week visual. I guess that's basically what I was look for but not really normal thing to ask for. Thanks again.

  13. Ive run it twice at 20 mg/Ed. My BP was off the charts. You need a good on cycle and to drink a lot of water. But its not horrible. As far as liver i got my levels tested before during and after and my dr saw no big problems.

  14. I don't see why you can't understand it.

    If I break down the nomenclature and explain what each addition to the molecule causes additional side effects, will you understand, or even care.

    The information isn't conflicting on msten.

    There are threads discussing it before it was released.

    These are theoretical. From a breakdown of m1t and what the addition of the flat 2-methyl compound would theoretically do.

    M1t is bad, further resistance to enzymatic breakdown should make this worse.

    Then you have the compound released. Ultradrol. Dosed 4mg/cap because of threads discussed above.

    Then you have logs/reviews of ultradrol. Aside from all the anecdotal info you can handle, these talk about various dosages and sides.
    There is even a review of mine out there of a bottle of ultradrol sent to me from Jake of AL.

    Those initial logs/reviews showed why it is so important for alpha and beta testers to be honest, because when it was released, and people used it, it was found to be underdosed.

    But ultimately the consensus is it is to be dosed as superdrol is.
    10mg-30mg 4-6 weeks.

    Sides are the same for potent methylated compounds.
    Everyone reacts differently.
    M1t isn't that bad imo.
    Sd an Msten are pretty much side free when low dosed, and gains will be nice if used for 6-8 weeks.

    All methyl steroids when dosed high have similar sides.
    Bp, liver, lethargy, shutdown, gyno etc.

    What it comes down to is you have to run it and figure out what dosage works best for you.
    I tried to make it easy for you by giving you the dosage that will give the best results with the least sides.

    So I'm not sure why you are confused. It's very simple and easy to find the info you need.

  15. Actually that was a nice post, thanks. I was just looking for some well articulated info on Msten specifically and yes there actually is alot of conflicting info out there on it however, you're right.

    I'll add to this what I was looking for which is going to be a visual on how hepatoxic it is based on blood work I'm going to do which has last week's, week 2 of cycle, week 4 of cycle, and then pct blood work focusing on liver and cholesterol.

    I have read many marketers of products containing methylstenbolone dosed at different mgs per cap as well as Msten guides stating never to go above 16, some say just following the bottle is good, some say 30-40 for up to 6 weeks while others say it's so toxic and hard on lipids that it can't be done for longer than 4 weeks.

    you're obviously more experienced and fluent with multiple compounds and can easily compare them but, I cannot and therefore was looking for something well put to help weed out all the other info I am other are finding. Thanks for the help and for this latest post and yes I do care about added details.

  16. Thanks 707kid.. I appreciate that feedback from your cycles.

  17. I ran an Msten only cycle not too long ago. No bloods, but link is below in sig.
    Highlander Gets Stage-Ready with NEW Olympus Lab's SUP3R EPI

  18. Reading through the whole thing and I'm gathering bp is the most common side it would seem. Never had to worry with BP fortunately but we'll see with Msten I guess. Thanks for posting the link highlander.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by pcav89 View Post
    Reading through the whole thing and I'm gathering bp is the most common side it would seem. Never had to worry with BP fortunately but we'll see with Msten I guess. Thanks for posting the link highlander.
    I've run it a couple times and I've had much "milder" compounds give me much worse sides. Maybe an individual difference.

    I did get really bad back pumps on it once but lots of taurine took care of it.


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